How A Narcissistic Person Perceives The The World Around Him

You know my abusive boyfriend really thought he would share his feelings to me an almost wanted to cry !!! Really give me a BREAK !!!Well hmm lets see the convo started like this .. I said what if you went to a therapist an told em your problems he would probably tell you go home an be thankful to God .. Lets see what would you tell the therapist . Lets see would you tell em that God gave you some beautiful children that are the most loving children the world has ever seen . Would you tell the therapist I have this Great Job that I make a 1000.00 dollers a week I only have to pay for things for myself because I have this Great Girlfiriend that pays the rent an the utilitys an lets you live rent free in her home!! She tollerates you acting out like a 3yr old when you dont get you way .. BOO HOO !!! That you can kick an scream an wait for her to help you an give to your every need ... An then really have a tantrum an kick her an hit an tell her she's nothing !! Come on who gets to do that !! I think the therapist would probably tell you wow your a blessed man You must of really struck onto some LUCK !!Lets see would you tell the therapist you are a 36 yr old man that has a mom an dad that love you so very much they would give you there last an even let a grown man come back home anytime you want an live rent free. Come on really !!! Well the convo kept going I said you know someday when you die an Go see God an he takes you to the Tree of Knowledge an you ask who loved you the most do you know who he is going to show you a reflection of yourself !! An you wanna know something he went an looked at himself in the mirror !!! This is a true conversation with my real Narcisstic abusive boyfriend !!!

By: Me
Age: 36-40, Woman
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keezbree keezbree
36-40, F
Sep 20, 2012