My Poems

My friend went home today, she left, and I couldn't say goodbye.
This now is, poor resolve for any lack of solicitous.
I pray her understanding,
I may never know.
But she the most thoughtful, understanding person of anyone Id ever met. She, aware of her place in life, so much more than I
Educator, adviser, abecedary, confidant.
Teacher, and friend. She captivated so many.
I would add charm, beauty, and grace,
But would fear her reprisal. Our friend left us to go home,
But will remain, despite her selflessness, we can not let her go,
Completly. She will remain with us always our teacher, our friend.
My friend went home today.we will let her rest.
But never let her go.
Jcoe Jcoe
56-60, M
Jan 8, 2013