Sometimes when i look into a mirror i want to just cry. I see someone who nobody wants to be around. Im an insecure, ugly, unpopuar, nobody. I know that people try to avoid me at school. I used to be fun, social, and had many friends. I never trusted anyone like my closest friend Kacey. She was quiet, unsocial, and shy I just thought that she would be a very trustworthy person. Over time we became inseperable and I closed everbody out but her. Then she just moved without a goodbye, at the time i really havent talked to anyone for 2 years, so i thought i should keep it that way. I started eating a whole bunch kinda like eating my feelings right? i gained 50 pounds and people talk about me behind my back. When i make eye contact they look away like im the freaking sun! I actually dont want to make friends anymore! it not like i can snap a finger and BOOM! my fats gone! i just...dont know what to feel anymore.
sowierd sowierd
16-17, F
Aug 30, 2014