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Always Have Been Different..always Will Be...

I don't know why I'm different from everyone else.  It used to really bother me alot.  But, I actually don't really care now.  I am happy with who I am for the most part.  I am a very eclectic person with many interests...I am a live and let live person....pretty conservative for me....but I love you for who you are as long as you don't force yourself on me or my daughter.....


Never blending into any group, I just sort of hover amongst them all or sometimes start my own where I am my only member and that's cool with me!  I am good company!  ha ha ha

I think that is why I like it here so much.  Because you can pick and choose so many things.....

And everyone is like a snowflake!!  Each of us is special and beautiful in our own way!!! 8)

SmilingSueAnn SmilingSueAnn 41-45, F 2 Responses Jan 4, 2009

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Cancel are so very true!!! wouldn't it be everso boring if we were all the same??? uggh!

its ok to be different. different my friend is what makes this world go around!