I have a meeting in not so many hours and I tried to go to sleep.  That lasted all of 30 minutes and I was back up and on EP.  I am so addicted. argh.

fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
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Worse things in the world then little sleep though.

I will be out of my mind by the time I can sleep later.

I will get it together and shine.


It is morning and my nerves are still bad. I have my meeting. argh.

i dont count it as morning til the sun comes up! lol

4am is technically morning...

woooooo lol everyone is awake tonight haha

Yeah it would of been nice to get some sleep before going to work out in a few mins, but i am up too!

hahaha yes!!! ep has become a big problem for me.. big time addict right here lol.