Misuse And Pain

The words "I love you" can bring pain. Have brought pain.
Can be unwelcome. Can be questioned if said too early.
Or if the recipient is in doubt for reasons of their own.
It has been used as a weapon, an excuse, as manipulation.
has expectations.
Is not unconditional and so is contrary to popular thought.
It needs, wants, waits, hates, lives, breeds, feeds, starves,
Is alone and can be lonely, can be accepting or reject.
Can be selfish, and blind. Can last for all time and it can die......

Has been misunderstood, and misapplied.
It can mean friendship of a deep kind. It can mean family,
It can mean romance, it can mean a simple chance.
Can be applied to food, cars, sports, stars, flowers, candy,
a book, a place, the smile on your face.
Light and airy, heavy and scary and cold.

Keep you warm from memories you hold.
Light a flame hard to burn out.
Love betrayed can make you doubt......
yourself and her or him. Can make you feel you'll always win!
Until you lose.....When your heart is fractured and threatening to break
and the pain comes with every breath you take.
You wonder if you'll make it through....

and it all happened because you said "I love you"
Shuga Shuga
46-50, F
2 Responses Jul 13, 2010

Hi,<br />
I almost didn't read this story cuz nothing in the short version stood out, but something made me open it up and read more.... so very glad I did, nothing else i have read on this subject so far has had the depth or breadth of your post (not just on this site). Just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to put your thoughts together and share them!<br />
Namast'<br />

The three scariest words in any language.