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hey every one this is rachel i was up here on ep before but i was ran off well not really but i all the guys up here are so pushy and horny all they want is to see you pics i couldnt take it any more but i soon came to see that i really miss talking to my friends and after talking to my best friend on yahoo she knows who she is lol i came back so to all the guys out there please read this before you start harassing me to add you if i want to add you i will !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Fairs Fair :) I'm here to make friends and share experiences not to look at pictures! Yes I ware diapers and yes I'm a man, but please don't hold that against me...

Take care

Rex :)

I understand how irritating those kind of guys can be

I am sorry that you ran into a bunch of dip *****. Yes there are a bunch of creeps on this site and they don't just bug women but also guys too. So yeah you have to be careful who you accept as your friend

because some boys have no respect.

You tell them I think girls in diapers are quite cute and if that's what you like good for you , you should do what makes you happy and if you want to show pitchers then that should only be your chose. If you are not happy doing it then don't life is to short to be doing/being what other people want you to do/be ok :)

Well, it's sad that women get hit upon as much as they do, but you can't ignore half the people on the planet because of the idiots. You need to just ignore the idiots.

That being said, yes, we're all free to do and say what we want, but keep in mind that there are probably ten times as many men out there with legitimate experiences to pass on to anyone that cares to read & learn, as well as sharing in their friendship. It's just sad to hear that a few idiots that can't control themselves keep you ladies from becoming better friends with mature like-minded male diaper-wearing guys. It's the nature of the "anonymity" of the internet (and some social media) in this decade that gives power to the idiot...

The truth is there are lots of beyotchy women out there, too; many who feel their poo doesn't stink. Fact is, we're all (male & female) making poop with the same input & processing organs, with the same basic end result; stinky poo. It doesn't matter how pretty or smart a person is, we're all human in the end.

For me, I make an effort to just ignore/block those that aggravate me (male or female), opting to get to know those that have both their feet on the ground, and who have something useful to share in the form of experiences or similar fantasies to my own (especially diaper ones). I think it's a mistake to block an entire gender, but that's just me...

I am sorry that you have had this problem some of the other men re so inmature. I am getting gay guys hitting on me and I Am straight and it is getting to the point I dont want to add gays

sorry on behalf of the bad ones lol

i love to be one of them making you wettt.

I don't blame ya for not wanting to add guys, they shouldn't be harassing you.

Oh no I know there's decent guys on here, but they are seemingly far and few between lol


some men asked to see only two of my pictures. its wise to ignore them completly and meet people how understand you.

I understand what you mean. I'm not one of those guys. I've seen what they write. I don't like it. If a women wants some dirty talk she will say. Then and only then would I think about it. Because that's what she wants. Even as a guy, I get
this at times!
I guess being a bit older I'm wiser and more considerate.

I am more here to chat with like minded people and to make some friends. I have read what some guys say and make me think "Are you serious?".

I'm adding you, please don't think it's to harass you about pics or sex chat, I don't want that

If U look at my circle U'll C no men. I'm strait but 2 many guys here want more than I'm willin 2 give so I ignore all their requests. I'm sure sum R nice but I don't hav the time 2 sort thru them so it is what it is...

i fill the same way there is one guy that one of my friends up here found and told me about and he became the love of my life

Its a pity that some guys just ruin it for the rest of us who are decent.

Oh and just for the record I am a guy and in your circle. But I am not going to go out of the way and harass you because of what you like to do. I you wish to chat with me that is great. If not then I don't have any animosity against you.


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thanks that is so ture pretty much the same way i dont want to be the girl that doesnt add any guys but so many are just ********