I Lie to Her So Much

I am always lying about working late and i go out and drink or go to a ***** club. I don't love her but she is the mother of my only son , an i do love that little boy. why can't i just leave her i ask myself and i get the same answer my son is to young. so i keep on lying to her about everything. it such a vi souse circle and I'm tired of it but I still stay with her. If she only knew the truth. she would kill me, she has tried to hit me with a axe before because i fell asleep while she was talking to me. Hey i was tired and she was drunk.So now what do i do?
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1 Response Mar 10, 2007

Honesty is the best key. Even with the consequences. look at it like this you have a son that's why your staying but do feel like over time you staying with her and you keep lying to her is going to make it better for him. it's going to cause a lot of fights between you two do you really want your son to see all that hate and anger when your supposed to be showing him love and affection. Boys are molded after their fathers whether they know him or not. Do You want to teach your son that it's ok to lie and fight with a woman. Just Talk to her tell her you want to be there for your son but being with her is not going to work arrange some type of joint custody if neccessary. If I were her I would much rather you be honest with me and tell me what's really going on then to keep lieing to me yeah I would be mad but I would have to understand and realize that the situation wouldn't be the enviroment I would want my child to see. She may be scared that if you leave you may not have anything to do with your son it happens. Be a man of your word. You two are going to have to play nice for your sons sake and figure something out. I wish you luck and hope that the 2 of you can work somethin out.