Meant For More

Hey people, im almost 22 and there is something missing in my life. A sense of fulfillment.
I feel that im different then every else. As if im "special" but im a constant
Disappointment to myself. Its Almost as if im waiting for a sign. And its
Causing some depression. I spend so much time just observing people and their actions and
Reactions. I also listen to what people say and use it. At this point i can say that i can relate
To everyone but this has become so natural to me. I mask my feelings of depression and lack
Fulfillment and "kosnich"esqe beliefs. But at the same time is it so wrong to believe
That ones self is a descendant of greatness or maybe even to a deity level. I know this story
Is very sparatic but these are my everday feelings and thoughts. Is there anyone elSe
Out there that feels the same ? Comment my story and lets figure this out
Codymoon90 Codymoon90
2 Responses May 29, 2012

I feel this way as well,but so many people experience it that Im starting to feel its just the brains way of distracting you from your boring,dissapointing life....

What if I feel it ny whole life,will this feeling end? Will i satisfy it? Or will it just fade out like a schoolboy crush...

Cody ,me thinks you have bipolar,please see a therapist,my daughter felt the same way and got help