Hope To Help Some Ladies

please understand that i am not here to bash women. i have read many stories and comments from women who say that they always fall for the worst guys who use them and hurt them emotionally .

i know a few such people personally and all they look for is how hot he is , how good in bet they think he might be or how much money they have , they don't give guys like me a second look even tho we always the nicest to them and care deeply for them and always there , and when they get hurt they want to know if its had luck or if something is wrong with them .

ladies there are so many nice guys who can and will treat you like the queen u deserve to be treated like , but u need to give them a chance to do so .... what happens when outer beauty fades and that hunk who you taught was so hot and who taught u were so hot is no longer attracted , what then ??? 
 that guy who u over looked , he saw your true beauty both inner and outer and when outer beauty is no longer , you will still be as beautiful to him as the first day you met.

so ladies please try and be careful who you give your heart to some one who doesn't care about you will break it ...
rajmelotra rajmelotra
26-30, M
Sep 13, 2012