Why I Wear Diapers

why do i wear diapers well i first startede wearing diapers because when i was little i had a bed wetting problem and my mom got sick of having to wash my sheets every day so she put me back in diapers i hated it i think i was about 6 so i was diapered till i was ten when my bed wetting stoped it wasnt till then that i realliiesed that i liked wearing diapers i tried to start wetting the bed again but my mom just got mad at me and said i was to old to be wetting the bed and to old for diapers i really took it hard but i had no way to get any diapers . well years had gone by and i was about to start middle school and being that we only lived a few blocks from town my mom let me ride my bike to school i was so happy cuz there was a cvs store right beside school so one day when i was on the way home i stoped by and went in to get some diapers there was so many to chose from i didnt know what to get so i just got some goodnites because they had a pics of teens on them i went to buy them with my b-day money i had been saving for the hopes of a day like this
the guy that checked me out just stared at me but i just gave him the money and ran out of there so happy i did this for years loving every min of it i would wear them at night in bed. well when i got out of high school i went to college and over the years of wetting in my diapers at night i really cant hold it anymore and the goodnites still fit but dont hold alot so i started to get adult diapers and they are great i started to wear them every chance i got not really thinking about my night time wetting getting worst well time went by and one day i was in class and i started to wet my self it was so embarrassing i did know was going on and ran out well it happen a few more times so i went to the dr but couldnt find anything but i start to wet more an more at day time so i started to wear diapers and now to this day i could go a day with out diapers i have to wear everywhere work home shoping moms house and it was hard people dont understand THIS IS A TRUE STORY THIS CAN HAPPEN TO YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!! so to make a long story short i wear diapers because i have to and love every min of it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I LOVE my diapers too!!

Me too yeah diapers!!!

i totally understand your experiences. i was a late bedwetter too. i was never put in diapers as a 7 year old, but was threatened on several occasions (along with my sister's cute lacy plastic panties). i had some issues with wetting later on, but nothing major. but i do understand how it can happen to anyone. anyway, i love wearing diapers recreationally now, at the office particularly. they feel so good, wet or dry. hope we can become EP friends and support each other.

Very nice honest and heartfelt story. I've been wearing them for years and I enjoy every second. I would be honored if you would please add me.

diapers do make life good and really a lot of wet fun

This happend to me over 20 years of part time diaper wearing and I love every minute iI am diapered

Good for you!

Thanks for sharing this, I'm a diaper lover to surround by people who would shun and dispise this if they were to ever find out, please add me.

I have control problems now to. Mainly with pooping though. Thank god I love nappies!

Diapergirlforlife: My name is Dave, I have been through pretty much the same Diaper Story you just gave. I believe Diapers Changed my life and I have never stopped loving Diapers!! It is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I Love MY Diapers!! I just added you to my Circle I hope you can add me as your Friend? Thanks

i was diapered at 5 and a lot of other things i still ware them today but not every day

Diapers sure beat looking for a toilet all the time when you are out. When I was not wearing diapers it got to where I was all ways on the look out for a place to pee or poop. Then I just gave in and tried them and found that it was much easier than worrying about it. I also take Devrom so if I do poop it does not smell. For me now I don`t know if I use them becouse I like them or like them becouse I need them.

being in diapers is great