My Reason

I've sort of kinda always had to wear diapers. I've always had them around i was born with an underdeveloped bladder and it was very hard to try and go a night without wetting the bed. Sometimes id actually succeed in having a dry night but very seldom. Well back around October November of 2010 i came to terms that I loved wearing diapers so i decided to start wearing them all the time and i found it to be a great stress reliever. Since i started wearing diapers all the time it has given me a sort of security blankie if you will it takes unneeded stress off of me and keeps me sane honestly if you've read my child abuse story you know i haven't had an easy life and most kids probably would've turned to drugs of some sort but i didn't i turned to wearing diapers all the time and it has made me quite happy. I really wouldn't want to go another day without diapers.
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3 Responses Jan 21, 2013

"Diapers, not drugs!"

Should be on our bumper stickers...

So pleasedyou are into diapers and not drugs

When I quit diapers as a youth I did turn to drugs. Now off drugs I have returned to diapers.