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My wife and I have been married 7years.and until 2 years ago our sex life was becoming tedious, then she purchased a laptop to use in her work. after some months I noticed she was spending more time in the study I at first thought it was to do with work, until I needed to do some research and instead of turning on the main comp. it was easier to use the laptop (I hate laptops) During my research I put certain files into favourites then I noticed that my wife also had favourites stored away. I found several web sites on anal sex,now this surprised me as anal sex had always been a no no. After about 30 mins my wife came in with a cup of coffee she noticed I had the web page still running, placing the cup down she smiled and asked me if I was angry at her (how could I) hell no I said as you know how ive always wanted to do this,well that night we spent hours looking at anal sites until it was time for bed. My wife had a vaginal problem a few weeks earlier and ky gel had been reccomended so with this lube and taking our time to relax we had an enjoyable night . My problem (if you can call it that )is she now prefers anal sex whilst using a toy vaginally have any other members come across this situation
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my wife enjoys anal and vaginal sex i would like to introduce her to dp but i am affraid to ask herfor she might think i do not love her or more so think maybe i am gay and i am not.<br />
hey let me know if you and yours are thiking of this matbe with a group of four it will go ovre better.

And your complaint is ?????????? You sound lie a very lucky man !

Yea - been through this with girlfriend years ago - also had one that liked using the toys in her ***.