Life’s Journey Is Not to Arrive At the Grave Safely In a Well-preserved Body, But Rather to Skid In Sideways, Totally Worn Out, Shouting, ‘holy ****! What a Ride!

When I stumbled upon EP four months ago,  I was very intrigued and more than a little curious.   I live in Ibiza in Spain , an island full of fun , mad,  exciting and pretty cute people.  I have bundles of friends and know loads of people on the island so its a real big thrill living there everyday, always smiling at people you know, or perhaps people who you just see often but haven't really met yet or something similar.

I joined EP as I thought it was a place to share experiences with other people, a celebration of what life has to offer each of us, and what we have each been given in life.   

Boy was I mistaken.   I was fortunate to very quickly become aquainted with a few members who are quite obviously the lifeblood and soul of this site, because most of the members on here are either bored to tears with their lives, too selfish to make any real effort (on any bloody level) or just living lives that are so bloody small and low-level is quite simply shocking.

When we wake up in the morning, before we even put our warm feet into a pair of slippers we are already more fortunate than 99 % of the people on this planet.  We have water, food, a roof on over our heads.   We don't have bullets fling through our windows, bombs going off, death, famine and destruction just a hair-breath away. 

And then you look at the dialogue on this site, the moaning, the bullying, the complaining, the nasty responses, the stupid remarks, the lack of compassion or interest, the lack of thrill, passion, excitement that I see on this site is un-*******-believable.

We live on the best most happening planet in the whole ******* galaxy for God's sake !!!   Can't some of you at least get a little excited about that ?

Why does on have to read through 50 confessions of absolute drivel to find one that has a bit of substance, an insight, a sense of humor, any bloody thing ?

The ratio of positivity to negativity on this website is shockingly lop-sided.  If you lose those few MissBebe's of the EP world,  chase away a Curiositykitten or two and a few other wonderful souls that give so much of themselves to you all,  you are left with such an embarassing emptiness of riches it is just absurd.

To those in my circle I started to get to know, and those in my circle I barely got to know,  thanks for letting me in albeit for a rather brief visit.  I've definitely learnt some very positive things by being on here,  I hope those who are not very well and in difficult phases of their lives find solutions to their situations and that the summer brings you all much happiness, adventue, success and possibly even love too.

Good bye.

PS. MissBebe,  you are the soundest girl I never met.   xxxx

zippyp zippyp
41-45, M
4 Responses Mar 15, 2009

EP won't be the same without you.<br />
<br />
You'll definitely be missed.

I'll miss you and your witty comments.<br />
Thanks for letting us know..<br />

The girl in my story picture is my friend Nadia who lost her job today so we're going to finish a bottle of wine together and then be rubbish at work tomorrow.<br />
<br />
well at least its a plan.

Thanks to you all. Now I can't go to bed, cos I then will turn off my laptop and then I'm really gone which is gonna suck for a while, isn't it !!<br />
<br />
shoot !