16 Years Older Than Me

So I've been seeing this guy and he is 36 years old and I'm 20. He is one of the best guys I've ever dated and its been 9 weeks today. I am falling so hard for him and im afraid that I can't keep him. For obvious reasons like I'm moving to the other side of the country in a couple months and hes personally told me he doesn't see this as a long term relationship. We get along so well and the sex is the most incredible sex ive ever had and I just want to keep him as mine.... He has a daughter that's 18 and she's a lesbian and i adore her but shes so close to my age physically... Mentally im older than he is sometimes. I just have an old soul and it makes me want to cry knowing that im falling in love because i didnt plan on it and i dony want it. But I cant help but be there for him. Like for instance he's sick right now and all i want to do is make him a vegan chicken noodle soup, and i dont even know much about vegans other than what ive learned from him. I feel like a dumb girl with too many emotions and it sucks.
-always with love
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Do the best you can, its the thought that counts.

I will and your welcome ...

Your welcome Georges ...just want to see that your happy and that feels good to know that i can do that for you atleast for a min or two ....smile please

I'll try. Thanks love. :) you too.

Well dont ...sorry if me thinking your a catch dosnt meen much because its not him ...but i can say you are in my eyes and alot of other people aswell..im always here for you if need somone to vent

Thank you and it does mean something that you think that, I guess I've just been downing on myself way too much recently. And thank you so much I'm so happy i have a friend like you.

Well he's as specially dumb for not wanting to keep you... I mean you're 1 hell of a catch

Thank you, but I haven't felt like a catch for a while. I cry everytime I'm alone. And no one knows because i can't do it in front of anyone else. It just doesn't work. But the moment I'm alone, I just cry my eyes out.