I Don't Understand This Part of My Life


Hello, Hope you all are fine and sound in health.


I can’t understand this part of my life, I have always been a hard working boy’ I always do all sort of per time jobs just to help my self one why or the other but after my High School.


I started this crime job that took me to another level of my life, my plan is to get the money and go start a new life abroad … America or Europe or Asia or U.K, any white country so far they speaks English and is not Africa.


After getting some money from the business, I take off to my dream but it did not turn out well for me due to bad connection which I want to use in traveling.


I quite the crime business and face a legal job as a salary earner, I started salary job as a hard working boy one can ever wanted in his or her organization but I find out that any organization I work, I always have problem with my colleges because I work to hard.


They believe I’m just doing it to let the management notice me which they will start using it against they and that will really affect them that use to work slow and go out anytime they want.


Though the management will not take long before commenting on my hard work and that will be the worst on my college’s side, sometimes leads to hate and they will go to the extend of telling the management to fire me.


Because of this, I now always have problem with my colleges any place I work; sometimes I ask myself why is mine different from the others.


Sometimes I will be thinking and considering of going back to the crime business that I left for long and I will still say to myself … what if God want to bless me with the work of my hands then I will stay and bear it.


I will really appreciate an advice of how to about this part in my life.


Thank you.



kelguy kelguy
26-30, M
1 Response Mar 22, 2009

I suggest that you continue to do the right thing one day at a time; and continue to pray about the situations you find yourself in. Things happen for a reason. One day God will bless your efforts; and in looking back, you will understand more fully.