My Story

One night my brother Bradley was taking a shower and he asked me to bring him a towel. So I did. I had never seen him without a jacket or a long sleved shirt. When he reached out to get the towel I saw all his scars. I asked him what they were I had never seen anything like that. He told me to leave him alone. So I did. The next morning I went to wake him up and I pulled up his sleves and saw all the scars again. He woke up and asked me just what did I think I was doing. I told him I was just wondering what happened. He told me thats where he cut at. I asked him what that was and he told me. I wanted to try. He gave me a razor blade and showed me how to do it. So for 7 years I cut. All because of that one day 7 years of my life has been pain. After a while I couldn't feel the pain. So I just decided to stop.
cjcoleman2828 cjcoleman2828
18-21, F
Dec 12, 2012