I Have Created This Group,please Come And Join Me,jazak Allah!

Asalam o alaikum,my brothers and sisters.I came across so many people on ep who are non muslims and they do not know anything about Islam,therefore,i have created this group "why Islam is a good religion?",

Kindly share your knowledge about Islam and experiences as well,let people know what is real Islam and real muslims,what are the benefits of Islam and so on and so forth.I know that there are so many literate,saint and sage people on ep on the top of that they are not only very good muslims but also very good human being.

I am looking forward to your participation.


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well,i am not the authority to give any verdict or answer to your question,so u better had ask any religious scholar.

one question....... Is democracy against shriaat(islam)


Thanks my brother for your like and comment.

B blessed.



I appreciate this. I am a non Muslim but I go to school with a lot of them, and I'm in MSA at school (Muslim student association)I really love the religion and it tears me apart when I hear someone bashing it, or saying something about Islam that is not true and I always speak up for it but generally I get that dirty look like "how would you even know?", and it makes me feel like bad because I'm not Muslim so I don't fully know everything about it but I still want to defend it.

May ALLAH bless you.How can i express my feelings in words,having come to know your feelings about Islam and muslims,you respect has increased more in my heart.



Thank you, I appreciate that:)