older men like to stare at me and often stare at my chest. i have seen them get hard and wonder what they are thinking.
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well if they are staring at you and at your chest I have no doubt it is sexual thoughts they are having and I know as I am guilty of doing this.

that should be a good thing...at least ur making people happy being yourself

Its always a compliment to look and a lady but most men get hard because we are sexual minded.
The people today should enjoy life between man and women naturally and sexually.
I bet you often think of seeing a mans erection at the same time a man sees you

You must be pretty god damn hot xx:P

really? You don't know? Are you sure you're over 18

This is a tough one. But I'll go way out on a limb and guess: They think you're attractive.
Could happen, you know?

well men like younger women and with those gifted boobs well im sure its yummy so dont feel embarrass if some matured men just look at you that way because im sure you have a very nice boobs and yummy as well....so advance happy graduation and plan and select the best you wanted to be...

might be a naughty ride...............:))

Don't usually stare at 16 year olds but do with older women, I too am a breast man and I think about standing behind her and rubbing my hard **** against her butt while I cup her breasts and feel their weight and how firm yet soft they are, then about making her nipples hard and hearing her moan with delight as I play with and suck her hard nipples. If she responded I would slide my hand down to her wet ***** and finger it and her swollen **** until she came on my fingers. Hopefully she would be stroking my **** with her hand or sliding her butt cheeks up and down my thick shaft. That would make me ***. That's one fantasy anyway.