I Would Give All My Fear 2 Never C U Again!

This story is kinda creepy yet it's me. I was in my house with my BFF "J", My brother "Ev", and my sister "Em" I thought it would be fun 2 tell ghost stories because my house I think is haunted. We started talking and we heared a thump. My brother left because he didn't want 2 do it. The rest of us decided to go down 5 minutes later. "J" and I went into my room. We talked about how scary that was and decided to stop when we heared the thump again upstairs. That night we heared small voices and thing tuching our feet. I still think my home is haunted and there is nobody in the whole world who can tell me NO.

lifehater13 lifehater13
13-15, F
Mar 3, 2009