So, today I started being a sociopath. I did not set out to start being one; I accepted that I was one last night, and it just kicked in immediately. I did not need to think about it or make a dumb list of things to change about myself. Therefore I am more sure than ever that this is really who I am.

New chic at work, dumb as a post, telling me that I didn't train her correctly because she made a mistake. I was sarcastic, unapologetic and did not accept that I had done anything wrong, because I knew I hadn't. Yesterday I would have smiled, nodded and apologized. Yesterday she would have had a better day. She was screwed up all day and I swear I wasn't even "rude" (though maybe my idea of rude these days has changed now...I wish there had been a camera taping it or something. Actually, no, I don't really care).

And why was she so steamed? I will tell you why. It is because a sociopath is not the least bit shaken about these experiences. You mouth off to me, I mouth off to you, you are affected, I am not. For me it's over; you want to stew about it help yourself. People hate sociopaths because we don't give a damn, and it makes them feel less important. I carried on the rest of the day as usual, talking and joking to people, and she sat there with a self-inflicted dark cloud over her head. Dare I say it I found it a little amusing. I was not shaken enough by her ignorance and rudeness in order to satisfy her fragile ego: this is to her, and most people, is a terrible crime.

I am more sure than ever that most people are in fact sociopaths to some extent. Problem is they don't have the balls to admit it or embrace it. They walk around thinking they are nice, decent people and tell themselves everyone is lucky to know them. But they are in fact the most pathetic form of life: that being an IMPOTENT sociopath. Like being a wolf in sheep's clothing who thinks he's a sheep.

Why do people hate sociopaths? Because you're not important to everyone else in the world, and we are the only ones who are obvious about it. Don't worry, mommy still thinks you're awesome.

sosheyo sosheyo
41-45, F
Aug 19, 2014