On The Scene Once More

I've been single for a very long time. I could possibly say I've never had a girlfriend. However, I've searched around me for as long a time and never could attract the women in whom I was interested. Lately, I've been making small time intervals in my day where I simply go to a random place and try to meet and chat with someone new, not necessarily a woman. I do this to practice being social since I grew up never learning these skills. I guess I just stayed separate from others even when surrounded by people. In these jaunts, I've met a few women who unfortunately are always taken or to whom I am simply not attracted. I've had many a sympathetic ear hear my plight. Unfortunately, when I hear someone be polite and repeat what I've heard all my life, I get extremely pissed. What ****** me off more is how my friends and family tell me how easy it is to find a girlfriend. They simply cannot understand the troubles I have experienced since I've felt alone for my whole life. I've cultivated myself to learn manners and be a gentleman, a dying breed in this day and age. Everyday I wonder whether it was worth it. Now everyday, I try to find a reason to keep this up. I question if it is worth being social at all. Why should I continue the effort with 0% chance of success? What can I possibly use to keep up my motivation?
lookingtemp lookingtemp
26-30, M
Dec 5, 2012