Men Wearing Skirts

I have seen a number of men wearing skirts (not kilts) out in public. Is there a trend for men to dress more comfortably?  One can hope so.

This trend  seems more predominant during the warmer months.  The skirts I've seen are about knee length.  What do you think? 
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Where do you live that you are seeing this?

In Vermont. I wrote this 3 years ago. But this time of year you'll see more men wearing skirts.

I wear skirts somewhat regularly. Mostly when I go for a walk in the morning. I can't seem to get the courage to wear them when i go to the grocery store or elsewhere. I do wear other women's clothes but skirts, I think, are very comfortable. I have worn them when I ride my bicycle. I pass people so quickly that I don't get to see their reaction which makes me comfortable. I guess my question is, how do I get by the fear? I'm 63 and have a pretty good body for my age, especially my legs/feet. Any advice is much appreciated.

Show off your legs! If you pass the person it's past so let it go. Most women will smile. If someone offers a nice comment on your legs thank them. Most guys won't notice as they usually absorbed in other things.

There is absolutely no reason men cannot wear skirts whenever they wish. And, as stated, they are certainly more comfortable than pants. The old taboos about who should wear what or not wear what is fast going by the wayside, thank goodness. During the summer months it is getting relatively common to see men in skirts and dresses, and, at least where I live, it mostly goes unnoticed now.

Rest assured, guys, that men and boys wearing what was traditionally womens clothes is just as liberating as when women found the courage to challenge traditional and put on a pair of pants. Dont look back, continue to be an inspiration to the younger generation coming up. I thank you.

Excellent comment Melanie.

Thank-you Jean

I wear skirts all year around. Mid thye for summer and knee leinth or longer for winter. I do not wear pants for any reason.

How long have you been wearing skirts?

I have been skirting for about 4 years. One of the best things I ever done.

Skirts are very comfortable.

I wear kilts and skirts all the time. I prefer a skirt in the summer months as the kilt gets a bit hot. The only time I wear trousers is at work where they are required. I own some men's dresses, but rarely wear them. I find a skirt and T-shirt to be my comfortable norm. Just as trousers are not limited to being worn by men, I see no reason for skirts to be limited to women.

I agree with Melodie13. I have several skirts that I frequently wear in the summer. I also have one long skirt that is good in the spring or fall. GSteven51: where do you find "men's dresses"? I have worn dresses occasionally, but find that they usually don't fit well in the top, so I prefer skirts. But I would love to have a few dresses that were comfortable and fit.

My men's skirts are Tripp NYC, Lip Service and The Urban Apparel. My men's dresses are and some others that have been at H & M. I do not know if H & M is still stocking men/s dresses and skirts.
For finding something that will fit, invest in a cloth measuring tape and measure yourself. Chest, Waist, hips, desired hem length and total length from the shoulder to the bottom of the hem that you desire. There are some current fashion dresses that are cut very unisex. They are easy to find as the front will not have darts just below the boobs. My favorites are short or cap sleaved, with a slight V-neck, with the skirt an A-line. Rarely seen but I did score one at an Ann Taylor store is with a gathered skirt. I am built like a male in all ways, and am just shy of 2 meters tall carrying about 93 kilograms. Hard to miss me at the mall.

I have never been afraid to shop in the dresses and skirts department. The store wants my money, the salespeople do not care what I buy. They are happy to help anyone that is willing to part with some money. I think many are paid on commission, so they are quite happy to sell me anything that I want, and really like it when my girlfriend and I shop together.

Thanks for sharing your sources.

I wear skirts when I go to my girlfriends house and my friends who are boys come over and crossdress to I turned them into crossdressers or awakened the CD inside them I think they thank me and my girlfriend for it but now we kinda wear skirts whenever were with our girlfriends

Thanks for sharing. Seems you did asaken the CD inside them.