No Problem Here

I do not understand why people in general have a medieval view of the nude body. I am nude around house all the time and several relatives and others have accepted it and actually tried it. I think the bigges thing to overcome  is not worrying what everyone else thinks about a person being nude.

If one is comfortable with their own nudity, it should not be of a concern to others, especially if it is in ones home or property and not being of a sexual nature. Of course that is part of the problem, in that everyone thinks of nudity as being sexual.

I have been to a couple of festivals where it is clothing optional and everyone was getting along fine. It was obvious that there were some people who were there to just to see others nude, as they were staring alot . Yet, there were others there who did not even give a glance at someone that was nude.
showmee55 showmee55
61-65, M
Sep 23, 2012