Wife Cheat To Save Hubby...

I have a beautiful wife and 3 children.We were one happy family until the recession busted my business and left me broke.I was left with hugh debts and had to sell the house and left with virtually nothing. My wife works in a manufacturing company.One day my wife came home from work and give me a cheque enough to save the house.I was surprised and was told that she had borrowed the money from her distance wealthy relative .

As months passed by,I had noticed that she has been getting home particularly late and tired and at times tried to avoid my advances.On my questioning on her late returns,she says that her company is in the midst of expanding so she had to work late.One day I happened to pass by her office and I thought I would just dropped in to say hello.

I stopped  and had a chat with the security and ask to see my wife.To my surprise the security told me that my wife has left and so has everybody and there was no expansion of the company.That night my wife came home late and she look very tired and her hair is quite messy .I pretend as nothing had happen and ask her how's her day and she replied it"s a hectic day at work

I know it is not right but I was very curious where she had gone after work so I spied on her.One day I borrowed a friend's car so she would not reconised and park at the roadside near her offices. As she drove her car out from the office,I trailed her from behind and she drove to a remote motel at the outskirt of the town,I stopped at a distance where I had a clear view of her getting out of the car.As she got out of the car,she knock on the motel room door and guess who open the door.....Her boss...   I was devastated that my wife had cheat on me but I was calm as I know deep inside that she truly love me. Both of them close the door behind them and my heart was beating fast not knowing what to do next. I got down from the car half hour later and got near the door with my ears on the door. I could hear my wife moaning and the bed squeaking due to her boss banging her xxxx. furiously.Finally I could her her boss screaming he is coming and he is going to shoot  the load into her.

I was in a dilemma and finally I took the courage to knock on the door. The boss thought it was the bellboy and he didn't put on any clothes and open the door.I pushed the door and rush inside and there was my wife lying naked on the bed with her legs apart and I could see the xxx flowing out from the xxxx. My wife was very shock and started crying while her boss was dumbfolded.So I said....OK let's talk. Her boss later explain that my wife had borrowed money and she would not be able to repay the money but offer to sleep with him to offset the loan.

I looked at my wife and I told her it's ok .I'm sorry she has to suffer because of me and till today we still love each other very much though sometimes I still can't get over seeing her making love with her boss..... She said she doesn't enjoy making loves with her boss...maybe to please me



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1 Response Feb 20, 2010

Our relationship is getting better after that incident and it's because she loves me so much that she had to sleep with her Boss. Anyway..it's no big deal in fact it kinda turn me on and it's really improving our sex life and we've recently got involved into swinging.if nymphobrain is into it...probably we could swap spouses....no free lunch ok.