I Have Cheated My Wife With A Man!

Hi all,

I just joined this board a monent ago..You must excuse me if you have difficulty of understanding me because ı have a poor english.

Anyway my story has began 3 years ago after 25 years of marriage.Iceberg was in between us.I always had gay thoughts in me but because of strict culture I HAD to marry.I was very happy infact.She was beautifull and I still love her deeply..13 months ago I have been with a guy...its just happened!! My feelings just came out from the closets and really enjoyed it..but she found out and she opened a court case..I am devastated I even tried to commit suicide!! I have 2 beautifull sons.She went maadddd!!! She started blaming me giving her 2 "abnormal" children!! I love my sons and they are so bright..My first son has admitted to my wife last year that he is biosexsuel!!! She went mad and started blaming me!!

I am living with my mum now!! I am helpless and almost run out of money!! I have lots of good friends but I still fell lonely...I miss my wife and 2 beautifull sons ( 21 and 7 y/o) ....Please help me...You are my last hope...

Thank you


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Don't contact "friend73" who has already made it clear you are to be condemned. Look, human sexuality is a very complicated phenomenon. We don't pick our orientations they pick us. The most important thing to know at this point is; IT GET'S BETTER! Your wife is hurt and humiliated and may never come around, but she and everyone else is on a course of opening minds about gayness or bisexuality. These things happen. Try and be as sensitive as possible to the disappointed loved ones in your life, but know your boys will, someday, accept you for the real you. Being honest about your bisexuality means being true to who you are, making you a happier, more honest person. Don't beat yourself up, just focus on getting your life back. If you have any more questions call The San Francisco Sex Hotline; 1 (415) 989-SFSI (7374)<br />
<br />
Our hours are (US/Pacific time)<br />
3-9 PM Monday through Thursday<br />
3-6 PM Friday<br />
2-5 PM Sunday<br />
We are not open holidays or holiday weekends.<br />
or write them here; ask-us@sfsi.org<br />
You can e-mail us your questions about sex.<br />
You're not alone a lot of people have been where you are now.<br />
Don't do anything to hurt yourself, it gets better.

I am crying here...I am soo upset.I missed my family!.I really dont know what to do and what to say! I started showing interest to a man before I got married.I am the the only child of my family so I have been almost forced to marry at 21!!..I loved my wife and I still do but years later one day IT HAS HAPPENED, and she found out.<br />
For the past 3 years she was showing me no interest so I suddenly something came out from the closet and me and my friend done it!! I must admit that I did like man to man sex, because I had it in me.Last year (while courtcase was on) my eldest son has discovered his sexuality and he admitted that he is bisexuel.My wife gone mad!! <br />
I did try to commit suicide but my friends saved me.Now I wish I was dead because I dont care anymore and I have been with many man secretly knowing that I have no chance of turning back.<br />
Please help me because I dont know who I am anymore and I am going mad!!!<br />

u r lonely because of ur own fault.if u have a good family and loving wife. so why did u do this wrong. contact me. we will talk about it.