Dressing My Husband In Womens Clothing

I love dressing my husband up, its so fun and turns me on so much seeing him dressed so sexy. I love seeing him wearing panties, pantyhose, all types of lingerie, skirts, slips, bras, and sexy costumes. Its so fun going shopping together for new things then coming home and laying it all out and helping my husband get dressed in his new things. I love how excited he gets, by the time we get home from shopping he is just aching he has been exciting for so long. Once my husband is dressed I love having him put on a sexy fashion show for me, I love just sitting on the bed or back in a chair as he walks by or does sexy poses. Its really has brought so much more spice to our relationship, its so much fun and such a turn on for both of us. We have dressed in matching outfits many times and its such a turn to stand next to each other in our sexy outfits. Its just clothing and it does not change who my husband is, I love that he is playful and confident enough to wear womens clothing. Cothing is meant to be a turn on and to accent a persons body, and womens clothing is designed to accent the body, mens clothing is not really made to accent the body. Just as us women love to get dressed up sexy to turn our men on, guys can also do the same thing and I appreciate that my husband dresses up sexy for me. Check out our profile for more about us.
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1 Response Mar 7, 2013

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