My Wife

My wife has been a flirt all of her life. She has always been big breasted and always enjoys showing them off to other men. I see to it that she has plenty of tops that let her show off her big ****. She is a extreme people person and as such she enjoys talking with others especially other men. When they start checking out her **** she gets really excited.
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its fun if its with people whom you know. or is it she chats up with random men at a pub or some thing. and of course you got to like the person too. does it end their with both of you turned on or do you invite the guy over ?

What fun. Bet she also rubs those beauties against many a man, giving herself and the lucky guys a little thrill. That's when the real fun can start... ;)

Want flirting or rather see her ******?

Wish I was one of the guys looking at her big ****

Love to see her big ****

My wife likes to show her big **** off and get chatted up as a result.
Great fun.

<p>I too enjoy flirting , more so with busty ladies , espcecially when they know im drinking up their yummy cleavage ! cheers to your sexy hot wife !</p>

My wife has done this, though always wanting to remain innocent. Her confessions really turn me on..

The innocent exterior and the sexy minx that comes out to play... The best combination! Hope you have written about her "confessions" ;)

I love to share my wife with other men. Do you?

Merry Christmas

sure do!

Why not get her to take the next step, and have sex with another man,it is such a turn on, please think about it ye might like it. best wishes

How true! Just ask me?

I would like to titie **** her, then lick the *** off her tities.

I'm sure it keeps your life interesting. My wife is very similar - she loves the attention.

nice...mmmmmmmmmmmmm to check those big ****...

every one enjoys big ****

You are blessed.. so lucky..blessed.. how could this be??

Would love to suck on her big ******* and then go down and suck on her clitty ...then slide my hard **** inside that wet wonderland...mmm...want to watch?

you need to maintain a sort of sexual discipline with her. It seems that you are not performing your sexual duties. That is the reason why she is flirting with other guys

Would you like to watch another guy ******* her?....then licking his *** off her hot wet *****?

gd i wish she should be with me

me too

I had a g.f. that had huge natural *******. Her **** were the doorway to her *****. When ever she was playing hard to get I knew that if I could get my hands and mouth on her **** I could get in her pants. As soon as I started playing with them her breathing change and she made an interesting noise that let me know she was feeling it all over her body.. Shortly after that I could have her legs over my shoulders and giving her a "what for"

Any pics??

Tell her I would be happy to look at her breast.. Then we can both get excited

sounds very nice i would love to check out your wife's ****

And when she gets excited, what happens?

Thanks for the Fan support, would love to chat, etc.

Love to check out her ****

When I look up from staring at a woman's **** and see a glint in her eye and a coy smile on her lips, I feel a surge of excitement run thru me, knowing she is as turned on as I am. Sure beats stealing glances for fear of being caught staring by women who don't enjoy these attentions. God bless flirty women. May I please stare at your wife's *******. MMM

I'd love to see some of those pictures!

It's refreshing to hear from a guy who is comfortable about having other guys ogle and lust after his wife. Good for you ;-)

i really like that i think my wifewould enjoy theattention if she would flirt a littlemore

she sounds like a sexy ****

she sounds a lot like my wife I wish mine would be a little more aggressive with her flirting. Most of what she does is by my asking her to

I like women who like to tease. I enjoy pushing the limit as far as I think I can get away with. My favorite ploy is to talk to them for a while and then start of break eye contact and stare at their ****... after doing this several times (spending more time looking at her **** instead of into her eyes) I give big sighs when I reestablish eye contact... It's fun to watch their reaction. Sometimes I think they want to grab me by my ears and bury my face between their breasts... they never do it but it sure is fun to see that desire in their eyes. It's kind of my way of teasing back.

For sure, one of the great male pleasures is to talk with a beautiful woman who is not afraid to flaunt her luscious big breasts. I can't keep my eyes off them either, and when I see that little hint of a smille from her, that "I know what you want to do to me" reaction, as she's enjoying my attention to her finest detail, well, it goes straight to my ****. I love it! And many of those flirty moments have led to even greater pleasures.

She can talk to me anytime, my friend. So long as I can admire the view......