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Well, this is moving faster than I thought, I must admit, it just makes my hormones go crazy..From my last experience, a week ago I did'nt actual think my wife is going to be extreme, but as story has it, she seems an-uncontrollable flirt and tease.Guess everyone has a something hidden in their closet, and with time is surely comes out in the open.

Last night, Kevin and his 3rd girlfriend for the year already, came over our place for a few drinks, so he could introduce us to his new girlfriend.  My wife, Candice and I already started having a few Jacks, and by the time they arrived, almost two thirds of the bottle was down, with me just having not more than 4 singles. Candice , even if she stays home, we always make sure she is well groomed and dressed as if we were going some place.

Last night, she did the same, and since we were having guests, went the extra mile.  With a black skirt that did;did'nt even cover her *** cheeks and a sheer  lace top, that exposed all of her b***** and nipples just stuck out, and sandals to match, she was looking so hot and I could'nt help but have a noticeable bulge in my jeans.  Was it sexy or slutty, i don't know but it made me excited.  As usual I told her to be cautious when sitting. 

So our guest arrived a little past 8, and Candice runs to open the door when the bell rang.  I could believe hoe Kevin our friend for over 9 years, obviously starred at Candice from top to bottom.I don't think he missed noticing every inch of her.  His new g/f gave him a stern "wtf" look, and they came into the living area. Candice goes to fetch some glasses from our mini bar in front of where we were seated.  I then realized how she planned this part, by earlier leaving the glasses on the top shelf.  She was such a tease, as she had to lift her hands all the way up to reach the glasses, and with that, I swear to you her whole skirt lifted right up to her *** and her tong was staring in every-ones face.  she slowly fetched the glasses, and Kevin had this"I want to **** that right now" look on his face.  I too enjoyed the short show, but I felt a bit awkward, knowing how deliberate she was.


Kevin's gf, just nodded her head with a "kill you" look on her face.  She was also a sexy young girl, that was shy and a bit conservative.She needed to l loosen up a bit, so I made sure her glass was topped up all the time. As time went by she at least began to smile and laugh at the jokes we made, and so Candice by this time was very tipsy and when that happens she gets more in this sex frenzy.  Her legs were crossed and the skirt right up her ***, and her thongs were so visible like it was a part of clothing that is meant to be seen.She kept crossing and UN-crossing them slowly but frequently, making sure that we all did'nt miss a second of her showing us her glory.

By this time I began to realize it was not just fun but she was getting more and more slutty, in her ways. i knew if i was so hard, she must be soaking wet in her thongs craving to be ******.

She called me into the kitchen and as i opened the fridge, she went down and b ******me like crazy.  I don't know what got over her but she was in a mood that I could'nt even grasp.  She b*****me so hard that I felt pain and pleasure at the same time.  I won't want to be a "macho" and lie but I came so quick, I could'nt control myself, and gushed all my juices in her mouth.  She loves that and didnt waste a drop as she downed it faster that her drink.  I was full of smiles, and had felt light and relieved.

Before going back, she said that she wanted to make Kevin hard by teasing him, and see the desperation on his face.She slipped of her undies and sat back right in front of Kevin and he was so shocked his eye balls popped.  Candice was displaying every inch of her priced gems.Her breasts were almost out of her top, and she gave this seductive naughty smile. Luckily for him his g/f had a bit too much and passed out cold.

Kevin could'nt contain himself so he went out for a smoke.Co -incidence?. Candice craved for a smoke as well.I knew from last week anything could happen so I kept an eye out. Was it bad timming or what, but the phone rings and I had to go to the room and answer it.  I spoke to another friend, and from the room sliding doors, I got a clear view of what was going on.  Kevin;s hands was right up her skirt, groping her ***. while she was facing him and french kissing him, without  taking a breather.  She moaned so loud it was louder that when we are together.  I was dumb struck seeing with my eyes, but something did'nt let me go and stop them.  I knew it was just fondling, and no penetration.


I hang up and went into the living area, waiting till they came back after 10 minutes or so..I was getting impatient waiting, but still did'nt go outside.  She came in finally and she didn't bother to adjust her skirt as it was still stuck up her ***.  She left and went to the room, while Kevin sat and spoke for a few min.  Guess he could;nt take it anymore as he had a grin on his face..As we spoke he just blurted out, "you know what, Candice is so hot and sexy I could;nt help to feel her outside"  I least expect that, and could'nt speak.  He apologized over a million times, but I just sat there, and told him thanks for being honest. 


It was late and his g/f asleep. so I told him to stay over.  He passed out on the couch and I went to my room.  Candice was already asleep and I just dozed off a short while later.. By the time I awoke Candice was not in bed, so I changed and went downstairs, just to see the 2 together. she was just in her g-string and bra  and her hands in his boxers.  They heard me  I think as I decided to go back up..She came back up and acted normal and I pretended to be asleep. The other 2 left soon after wards and i asked her about all what I saw,,This time she could'nt deny it, and said she was just playing a little and she let him finger***her the night. 

As she spoke she started getting all onto me and stroking me...Before i knew it i she did'nt finish her story and i was ridding her like an animal.  Later she told me she will not let a guy penetrate her, and it was a bit of fun.


Well that I hope, for now...Maybe by you reading this can please tell me ....

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Sexy slutty Candice - hope there are more adventures and she expands her fun envelope and breaks a few of her self imposed rules... ;)

wow - slutty, sexy , *****.. my hero... wish I could get **** like that...

consider yourself lucky you've such an adventurous wife! Just make sure when she goes thru with it your there to watch/participate! Maybe you should initiate some action when your friend is over and let it progress to a *********! Bill in Va.

yes man, i am just trying to come in terms with it...i know whats happening but guess do not want to give in as maybe I think its bad..however I have to admit when I sit and think about it, it is adventorous.....tx a mill for the reply...I just need to work on this and maybe, she and I can do this both knowingly,,,