Bride Shared Before And After The Wedding

right before the ceremony I had a gift for my bride. It was a necklace. I gave it to my best man (Alan) to give to her. I held it up to him and said "Tell her sister that I want to talk to her, then give it to my bride" with a wink ;). so he went off to find her. which he did. he found her just as she was finished getting ready. he told the Maid of Honor that I wanted to talk to her, so she went off, which left him alone with my bride. He said that I had sent him with some gifts for her. he held out the necklace and said this is one. then he pulled out his **** and said this is the other. she smiled at him and said, "that sounds fun" she turned around and he put the necklace on her. then he reached up under her dress and pulled her panties off. he bent her over and, while I was waiting at the stage with all the guests looking at me. my best man' was sliding his **** in my bride's *****. he knew he didn't have a lot of time. so he was all business and dropped his load in her as quick as he could. when the maid of honor found me, I gave her a gift I had for her and told her to tell my bride that I couldn't wait to see her. I hoped that this would give Alan enough time to do his thing. it did.
When Alan made it back down to the stage with me, I asked him "how did it go?" he just smiled and pulled something white out of his pocket. I assumed it was her panties.
when she got down the aisle to me I smiled at her and asked her how she liked my gifts? she just smiled at me and whispered. "his *** is running down my leg". and with Alan's *** oozing out of her ****, she made her vows to me. the after party was great. but the honeymoon was awesome.
by the time we made it back to the hotel room we were pretty drunk. Of course Alan came with us. he snuck into the limo so when we got picked up. he was already inside. once in the limo we had a little pre-party. I wonder what the driver thought. we closed the visor, but still... in the back we were both kissing and fondleing my now wife. she sucked us both. and we both we sucking her nipples at the same time. we were all over the place. once we got to the hotel we couldn't wait to get into the room. we quickly checked in and scrambled to our room. Alan helped me undress my wife and she again switched between sucking us both. finally, I laid her down and starting eating her clean shaven *****. I got quite a taste of his *** mixed with her sweetness. and while I was licking her, he moved in. I was licking her and I feel something on my cheek. it's his hard ****. I look up and say to him "you were the last to **** her before she married me. You were the first one to get sucked by her after our marriage. Are you really going to be the first one to **** her now that she's married to me?" he looked at me and said "I guess that's up to you." I looked at his **** and then at her open, wet *****. and then I reached out with my hand and grabbed his ****, and Guided him in. I licked her *****, and ****, and his shaft as he entered my wife's *****. I moved up and made out with my wife while Alan ****** her *****. I looked back at him and said, "you might as well *** in her too..." he quickened his pace and dumped his load in my wife. I quickly took his place and finally added my *** to his. after that I was able to give her a nice long slow loving in which she twice. Alan stayed with us for the entirety of our honeymoon.
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I would love to start my marriage the way you did. It was especially hot that the first sex act between you and your new husband was him licking another man's *** out of your ****, and then letting the best man be the first man to **** your newly married *****. You are so deliciously naughty.

We did almost the exact same thing lol. An old boyfriend came to see me on our wedding day to congratulate me and one thing led to another and I ended up standing at the alter wearing extremely *** soaked panties lol. I felt some running down my leg and wondered if any got onto the floor, guess only the preacher knew lol. When my new hubby and I were leaving the church in the limo I grabbed his hand and put it under my wedding dress and he felt it and asked me how I got that way and I told him all about it. When we were dating he always made jokes about sharing me so I took a chance in letting him feel my wet panties. He lifted my dress up and pulled down my panties (and yes the driver screen was up so he couldn't see lol) and proceded to lick my ex's *** out of my *****. When he was finished he told me I could continue ******* my ex and any other guys I wanted as long as I brought home a ******** for him and told him all about the tryst. That night in our hotel room I ****** one of our wedding guests (my girl friend's brother) for several hours while my hubby sat in the hot tub near the bed and watched and loved every minute of it. I've ****** many men since then and that was 21 years ago. We still love each other very much and would never leave one another. Keep up the good work lol