My Wife Found Another Guy To Play With...

well its been a long time since we have had a party but we found someone :) I will get right to our first night.... well all there was is texting and pics over a phone, never met the guy but last friday we did at his place. and he is just like me. likes beer, and going out to bars. so we went to the first bar. playing pool and drinking, he asked me so does she like me? i was like yes she does. really nice guy. O i forgot to mention. wife couldnt do anything cause it was that time of month, but he new that, so we at bar, well she goes to bath room, then he goes. well they where missing for awhile, lol how i know what happend cause my wife e-mails me what i dont see, so she came out and she waited by the mens door to see what he would do when he came out, well he came out and she said he came up to her and they kissed, and she noticed him getting hard, so he put her hand on it and was rubbing it as the kissed, it went on for about 30 min. then they came back out, then we hung out there for a bit longer, after all the text messages they where both so wanting each other so bad!!!! but new they could only do so much. so we went to another bar where a live band was playing well i got into playing pool with some other guys, and they just sat at bar and watched they where touching kissing here and there, then they went outside, she said they was kissing alot out there and alot of touching, then some cars came in so they stopped. so we went back to his place. we all was feeling good at this time. they sat on couch i was in recliner they couldnt keep there hands to there self, it was hot!!! kissing then he pulls his pants down, right away she started sucking on it, he didnt last long until he blasted all in her mouth. it was hot!!!!!! he is coming over this weekend to finish that party, lol she will be ready this time.... I will write that story as well plus have pics.... please look for them..... thanks for reading
coorslightbuddy coorslightbuddy
36-40, M
Dec 10, 2012