My Wife's Lover

For the last 5-6 years, my wife & I have enjoyed many 3-somes.  My wife however told me she wants a lover just for herself, which is A-O.K. with me. I'd never met him, but for the last year or so, she would sometimes *** home late from work.  Her ***** would always be full of *** for me, & I love licking her out & ******* her while she tells me how good Phil ****** her!  The other day, she was pretty late again, & then saw her car cuming down our driveway, followed closely behind by a p.u.. Did'nt know who it was, but a nice looking fellow, about our age.She leads the way into the house & introduces us, we shake hands, then my wife said to me this is the guy thats been ******* her after work!  She added, "& he really ****** me good a couple hours ago!"  I watched as she kissed him, my **** growing harder by the minute!! She said 'Phil has a really nice ****, & we want you to suck on it!" He pulled down his pants & out sprung a real nice 8 incher, (at least!). I was more than ready & started to drop to my knees.  Wife said,'not yet, first you're gonna ******** on it!"  I pulled out my **** & started pumping it. My wife lowered her pants & told me to finger-fuch her ****!  Her ***** was VERY wet, still dripping wet from his ***!!  Phil played with & sucked her **** & nipples as I jacked-off, cuming on his belly, pubic hair, all over his **** & onto the floor!! My wife told me to suck his ****, which was more than happy to do!!!!  His **** & my *** tasted so ******* good!!!!! Then my wife tells me to suck his knob, wraps her hand around his shaft, & starts stroking his ****!!  I played with his low-hanging, swinging balls, her hand quickly pumping his ****!!  Then, Phil shoved his hips foward, grabbed onto my head & pulled my down onto him all the way!!  I felt & tasted his *** as it shot into my mouth & down my throat!!  I slurped up every drop, wanting more!!!!  Then, Phil pulled his pants back up & told my wife he needs to go, then asked her if she was gonna *** by his house again the next day!  She kissed him & said, "of course!". Was'nt very long before I was hard & ready to ****!!  My wife bent over the kitchen counter & let me **** her & *** in her.  Can't wait 'till she brings Phil home again........
randybi4u randybi4u
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6 Responses Jun 12, 2010

Mmm you two know how to have fun

some guys have all the Luck :-)

Very hot story - it's a fantasy of mine for now, but who knows? My wife/Mistress just asked me this morning if i would like it if we invited some other boys to join us for intimate moments!

great story I would love to been there.

Wow. Can't imagine convincing the bf to do something like this.

very enjoyable to read. glad you had a great time