Black Is Great!

I like the way most black men just are so open about what they want from a woman and are usually so aggressive! I love it when my husband watches me with a black man, expecially one that is really hung! I once had sex with three young (21 to 25 year olds) that took turns on me all night long. All of them where hung and kept hard time after time. I was so sore the next week I could barely sit but it was worth it. I also got pregnant by one of them, hard for my husband to explain to his friends and family but we got a beatifull baby boy out of it!
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im trying 4 a baby with my white hubbie, and really want him 2 get me pregnant and have his child, but i have told him if im not pregnant by sept . im going 2 get bred by someone else, and if i do i want it 2 b by a black man, its a fantasy of mine and i know a few of my white girl mates who would and r trying 2 b black bred now

Great way to put it..

Congradulations on your black baby! Are you going to have another?<br />
Were an older couple and my wife loves black sex. Over the years she has had three black kids and one white child thats ours. At first I was worried that a white couple having black babies wasn't right but our friends accepted our situation. <br />
Our first child was white, then she decide that she wanted to try a black man she always wanted this.<br />
She did it when I was away in Iraq. She didn't tell me she was pregnant, she let me be suprised when I came home. When coming home I found out she was pregnant again by a different guy.<br />
She told me this is what she wants, she loves me but has no desire for my smallish ****. I now set up all her night time adventures. Just love watch her and her lovers.

All your kids get your family name -- right? That's something to pass on!

Fantastic story. i'm a wf and adore sex with well hung black men. I'm single and recently had a baby, and the father was from Africa. Just a fantastic experience. hope you and your child are thriving!

I believe guys whom are in heaven because their wives **** blacks are basically homosexuals, and enjoy getting proxy *******, it would be best if they seek direct gay sex with black males and leave women out of it, its funny most of these stories are written by men or men who pretend to be women.

My wife has had several black men throughout her life some were coworkers many were strangers. When I met her many years ago she was a bar ***** letting any man that wanted her hand is way with her.<br />
When I had my first date with their I found out she was a nympho maniac, I thought about how it would be married to a woman like that never thinking it would happen. On our second day she asked me if I wanted to be her boyfriend I said hell yes. He told me they would still be other men in her life I was okay with that. A few months after I was going with her I decided to make her my wife and share her with other men.

forgot to ask did u only have one child from another man. read my stories and u can see my wife has had other mens babies

Itoo love black guys, My guy is small and puny in the tool department and doestn do anything for me. Ihave aregular stud who satisfies me. He likes me to dress sexily and wear heavy make up.Hes like a machine he keeps going and going !

the ultimate of cuckold experiences to have a wife that has another mans baby while married.