Young Black Stud For Wife

My wife seems to like dirty talk while having sex so I try to make up short stories to relate to her. On night I was telling her how I was going to get her a young stud to take care of her. I then added that he was going to be black and hot for some white wife's puss. She really became horny and had a spontaneous ******. I knew that it must be a fantasty of hers. I casually asked her if she wanted me to get her a young black stud. She giggled and said, "You are just joking, Right! Bring him on and I will show him what a white wife can do to him".
I replied, "OK, I will do it!"
She giggled again and said, "Promises and more promises. Seeing is believing".
I took the challenge and started looking. We lived in a college town with a good football team. One day I found a young muscular black sitting on a bench in the mall. I sad down and started a conversation with him and determined that he was in fact a football player, had been away from his girlfriend and he jokingly asked me if I know any available women. Damn, I thought, he is the one.
I suggested that my wife would be available if he would agree. He grinned and said, "I need a woman and bet she is hot". I agreed to pick him up at the mall Saturday night.
I went home and told my wife the good news. She became very interested and said she was planning a good night for him.
I picked him up and brought him home. My wife was prepared. She had the family room dark with a couple of candles, a bottle of wine on the table and two glasses. She was dressed in spike heels, a red dress clinging to her body, and I could see she had no panties or bra. I got the idea I was not to stay so I left (Ha Ha, I drove around the corner and walked back for windor peeks)
They drank wine and cuddled some, kissed, and then she stood up and started a slow erotic dance, slowly removing her dress and moved closed for him to caress her naked body. She soon knelt in front of him and removed his hard black **** from his pants. She played with his seed sack, his rod, and sucked as he moaned with pleasure and pushed gently toward her. She then led him to our bed, undressed him and they stood and embraced and ground their pelvics for a moment. My wife then moved to the middloe of the bed and opened her legs to welcome her new young black stud. He moved up between her legs and presented his rod to the white puss and thrust slowly in. What a sight!! They then were squirming, thrusting, kissing, moaning and talking dirty to each other. I watched them climax then went to my car, drove into the driveway and went to the spare bedroom to sleep. Of course I had a good jack before I went to sleep.
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So, I guess he spent the night ? How did everything turn out ? The next Morning etc.<br />
<br />
Thanks for sharing. It makes a lot of people happy. <br />
You know of at least 3

Oh yes he stayed the night. The next morning I got up and peeked in. They were both still sleeping naked.
She was laying next to him and his arm was around her. He was laying there with a limp noodle. Her hairy bunn looked like a mass of paste. I made coffee and was reading the paper when they came into the breakfast nook. She looked like she had been rode hard.

Love your hot story and want that to happen to my wife.....