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Last night I got my wife tied down to the bed really good and started eating her *****. She was going wild and loved being tied up. Then the door bell rang. She was like you better not have. I winked at her and told her I would be right back. She was laying face down on the bed and was tied up where she couldn't move. Shortly l came back in the room and put a blind fold on her and told her it was going to get interesting. She said I can't wait. She said her heart was pounding out not knowing what was about to happen. I put some lube on her ***** to make sure it was ready for the 3 black men from craigslist that was about to enter in her. We will call them Jay, Kevin and mike since I have no ideal what there names really are. Jay pulled his pants down and climbed on the bed. He eased over to my wife's face and put is **** to her lips which she gladly took in her month. I was really suprised because she has only done this with three other guys infront of me. She started sucking him hard and then mike got on the bed. She had no ideal there was more then me and the one she was sucking. Mike went straight to the *****. His **** was Fat and long. He was really hard. He put it up to my wife and she knew it wasn't me. She tried to move alittle but was tied down to tight. She started breathing hard and mike shoved his **** in her ***** deep. She grunted hard and almost screamed. She started breathing hard and mike said your ***** is so tight I Can't last long. He then arched himself in her deep and she squiled loud and he said i'm ******* baby. She said pull out of me. Pull out. He said I'm already ******* in you baby. He pulled his massive **** out of her and *** oozed out. Jay was still at her face but she wasn't sucking him. So he moved to her ***** where he slid in with ease since he was alot skinner then Mike. Kevin moved to her face and pulled out his ****. Mike was killing her ***** but mike had left if loose and wet. Kevin stuck his **** to my wife's mouth and I could see it. He was a monster. He was Thicker then mike. Looked like a coke can. He wasn't as long as mike. Mike was probally about 10 in. but Kevin was so fat I didn't know if it would even fit. My wife opened her mouth and he forced it in. She moved back quickly and said there is no way I can fit that in my *****. I guess that statement pushed Jay over the edge. He started grunting and shot his load into my wife's *****. She had alot of *** on the bed that had ran out and she was still draining. Kevin moved down towards her ***** and my wife said no way. She started moving her face on the bed and made the blindfold move up where she could see. She said oh **** you all are black. She got so turned on becasue we had talked about bbc during sex and she would always get turned on. She told Kevin to be gental and he said no way. Your my ***** tonight. Kevin Climbed on top of my wife and jamed his **** in so hard that she started crying alittle and screamed loud. I told him to chill out and he said I'm sorry and laid across her back and ****** her gental. She started moving her hips to meet his thrust. He started pounding harder. My wife started moaning and breathing had. He pulled out really hard and my wife squirted all over him. She had never squirted before. I was in amazement. She was ******* all over and moaning. He held her down and pushed his **** back in. The other guys had excused themselfs and it was just us. She said untie me baby. He said ok and looked at me for approval. I said do it. He untied her and started to **** her on her back. I have never heard my wife scream and moan so loud. At this time he pulled out hard again and she squirted so hard it hit ceiling. I couldn't hardly stand it. Kevin slide back in and started pounding her so hard I though she would make him stop but she raised her hips to meet him. He started grunting and filling my wife's ***** with his ***. He was shaking all over. He pulled out and I could see my wife's hole opened up. Not closing at all as his *** ran down her. He kissed her breast and went into the bathroom. My wife said are you going to **** me baby. I told her i would as soon as Kevin left. She said ask him to spend the night. I said no way but we could invite him back again. She agreed and I climbed on top. I was ******* her and came in about 3 mins. Kevin came back out and said can I have her again? My wife said yes before I could even get no out. She ****** him for the next 2 hours. He came in her three more times. I think I may have messed up and created a monster. She is already asking me daily for the next time.
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Very exciting

you started this so enjoyee it It is your wife now share her witl all that you find are clean. Or gett bothof you tested bi weekley.

an experience i wouldnt say no to

Good for her all white wives should experience BBC mine loves her new friend.... Have you ever ate her after a BBC has *** in her? It's amazing!

Great story....she is hooked...and so are you..keep it up