Like my gf says, every white girl loves black ****. My gf has fantasies about it but nothing more. I enjoy to tease her about that. Once i sent her a pic of a guy with a huge (HUGE) **** (not in erection it was bigger than mine! And i'm not small) but it's just a joke, just a way to tease each other
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go the next step and buy a black ***** that is huge. . . she'll use it

it could be funny

My wife loves BBC......

my gf too, but it's just a fantasy such many white girls :D

What if she will come back from night out and will say I hade a BBC cuming in me today?

I could make a killing :D


I wish my wife fuckt a BBC I would be happy about it :)

if you tell her maybe she'll do..

Will open her legs and lick clean her ***** and ********

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