Going Black

One of the few fantasies we haven't yet explored! I'm still not real sure how she'd feel, as ironically we've never even talked about it. But I have fantasized about it. I can see the contrast of her skin against his. I think it's the pure taboo of it, and I guess to really make it dance, I imagine him as a muscular young buck. I can see her sliding up and down on his big black ****, and throwing her head in pure and utter lust! I know if it was something we desired she'd have no trouble finding a willing participant. She has the kind of body that Brothers love, and I'm sure would be a real crowd pleaser!

Eagleanchors Eagleanchors 36-40 4 Responses Sep 4, 2009

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How come nobody devotes websites and I Like's to finding BWC? Im pretty sure it is almost always a husbands fantasy. As for me, I'll keep searching for BWC! lol

My girlfriend has crossed this off her "bucket list" and while it took a while for her to completely fess up, she did tell me of some very sexy details. He was bigger and apparently worked her panties off after a long massage.<br />
Encourage her to fulfill this one

We've talked about it, and it really just doesn't do it for her....and if it doesn't work for her, it doesn't work for me! Every now and then she'll tease me with it, so I get a little at least!

Why not mention your fantasy to her? But how would you react if she said she'd go for it? Are you ready to move from fantasy to reality?