I Really Do It To Please My Husband

My husband had a thing last year about me dressing up. He came home one day with a school dress. He had no trouble getting my size, as I’m under five feet tall. He got me white knee socks too, and the school shoes. He couldn’t wait for me to put them on. It was a Friday evening, and after a couple of glasses of wine, I took off my makeup, put my hair in bunches and put them on. I couldn’t believe his reaction. The dress was button through, a bit short. I had no underwear on, and with my ‘hollywood’ down there, felt like a child. He sat on the sofa, trousers down, his little hard on, balls tight, ready to ***…..


Suddenly he said….’let’s go for a drive!!!’

I told him I’ll get dressed, but he said

‘no, go like that’

I was a bit shocked, but put on a coat and went.

He seemed to know where he was going and we ended up in a car park in a wood just inside the M25 on the outskirts of London. He had prearranged this,  I was sure. The place appeared to be deserted, but after I had got out of the car and took my coat off, two black guys appeared from the only other car in the car park and began walking towards the car. They smiled and came over. I recognised one of them as a guy that works at my husbands company, on the shop floor. I had told my husband that I fancied him in the past.

The car door was open and I was trying to cover my legs, as the dress was so short.

‘Show them your legs Mary’ my hubby said.

As I pulled my dress up, the guy I didn’t recognise undid his jeans and let them fall to his knees. He had no underwear but his thing was hanging semi hard over a huge pair of balls.

He was circumcised. I was fascinated with this as I has never seen a circumcised **** in the flesh. It was around eight inches long, thick, a slightly lighter shade towards the tip.

He moved closer to me, his thing hanging inches from my face and put his hand between my legs. I was wet, I knew that, and I wanted it inside me. I took him in my mouth and turned so that my hubby could see. I began to put on a show for him, trying to get as much of him in my throat as I could. As I began to gag on his hardening thickness, he grabbed my bunches and forced himself into my throat. Saliva was actually coming from my nose as he ****** my mouth, he gave four or five more deep thrusts. I was nearly sick. Then, he groaned, pulled from my mouth and spunked all over my face hair and dress. Just when I thought he he’d finished, so another spurt came.

The other guy was wanking all the time this was going on, and when the stranger moved out of the way he did the same as the first, but wanking the base of his ****  as I struggled to get my mouth round it. Suddenly, he too groaned, as his glans forced my teeth apart. He spunked heavily into my mouth.

They both scurried off. I still had a mouthful of black mans ***** in my mouth, and my hubby had a hard on that needed wanking off. As I did this, I gave my hubby a kiss, and a snowball as he came.

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i love it

my kind a woman

i wonder if they will start using her hubby too?

loved ur story

Perfect. Your husband is very lucky. I hope he gets his Man-*** either warm from your ***** or fresh from the ****

hey lovewife the only thing better then wife ******* all those black men is that she is going to have a black baby. if she will have so many lovers she can't know who the daddy is. that is great

Michele & I both enjoyed the experience, and all that followed. I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. I can't explain why I get so turned on watching her make love to black men, but it makes me want to love her all the more. Same with my wife. Let's face it, she not only gets to cheat on her husband with multiple black men, but she has her husband's support. She knows only a man who truly loved her, would allow her to experience such gratification and satisfction. So she gives me all the love I need and then some. Thanks for your great comment.

lovewife,<br />
<br />
thanks for that super hot story. I got totally wet reading it. I'm white and love black men and crave multiple partners at a time. sounds like she enjoyed it so much. Black men/white women sex is the hottest. great story.

I love watching my wife with black men. The more the merrier. We enjoy this every week. It started one weekend when we went to the mountains in Virginia for a week, during the winter. It was a really bad snow storm on the day we arrived. We stayed in a cabin, but would walk to the lodge for meals. They also had a small bar in the lounge with a great atmosphere. We were in the bar the first night having a few drinks. In walked 5 black men who sat at the table next to us. They ordered their drinks and started discussing what to do, to try to get home. It appeared they were stranded with no place to stay until the storm ended. I turned and asked them what the problem was. It seems the police had closed the mountain road due to the weather, and the lodge was now booked and had no rooms or cabins to rent to them. I talked it over with my wife, and I mentioned our biggest fantasy to her, which was for to have intercourse with a black man. Her eyes lit up, but she said nervously, that it was 5 black men, not just one. I told her I knew she could handle 5 men easily. She said she wasn't sure. Without waiting for my wife, Michele to make up her mind, I turned to the black men and offered them to spend the night with us. I told them it was only one bed in the cabin, but I'm sure we could make do. They were very thankful. They paid for our drinks and we walked back to our cabin. Once the cabin warmed up again, because we had opened the door to go in, everyone took off their coats. Our guest couldn't help but stare at my sexy wife. She was wearing a very short blue denim skirt, a tight red turtle neck sweater, that only increased the size of her 34D breasts, and knee high boots with a 5 inch stacked heel. The men thanked us again for helping them out. They were afraid they would have to spend the night in their car. I told them they would soon be thankful for more than a room. I nodded to Michele and she slowly peeled off her sweater. She was wearing a red lace see-thru bra. Her hard nipples could easily be seen thru the bra, but they could also be seen pushing the sweater material out too. Then she reached behing her and unzipped her skirt, letting it drop at her feet. Her matching lace see-thru panties, did nothing to hide her full V shape bush. Then Michele sat on the bed and unzipped her boots and tossed them in the corner. As soon as she stood up, she unhooked her bra and peeled her panties down her legs. Totally naked now she sat on the edge of the bed wearing nothing but a smile. I told our guest it was time for us to get naked and get this party started. As soon as my wife saw those 5 huge, black penises, she dropped to her knees and sucked each one until they were all standing straight out. Then she got on the bed and spread her legs, motioning for the one with the biggest and blackest penis to mount her. He glanced at me and I said go for it. As he lowered his body onto hers and penetrated Michele's vagina, she screamed out from the size of it. Not a hurtful scream, a pleasurable one, as he drove it deep inside her until his heavy scrotum slapped my wifes butt with a loud spanking noise. Like a finely tuned pile driver he thrust into Michele relentessly. She screamed with delight, begging for more. Finally he pushed inside her hard , making a thud sound as he squirted his black seed into my wife's vagina. As soon as he withdrew, she pointed to her next lover. After all 5 black men had intercourse with my lovely white wife, I mounted her, gladly taking sloppy sixth. We were not done yet as each black man mounted my wife 4 times each, and I did the same. We went to sleep, but i don't think Michele got much sleep as she went around the room for more. We were truly blessed that weekend, because even though the weather cleared up, our 5 guess agreed to spend the whole week with us. My wife was so happy, and satisfied, that we now have black men near our home in Maryland who takes turns on my wife. Every weekend she is with at least 5 men (she'll accept no less), but has been with as many as 24. Lately, the latter has been the norm. I don't mind, seeing my wife pleasured by so many black men turns me on and makes me very happy. Michele is currently pregnant, and I'm sure the baby will be black, but that's okay too. My wife giving birth to a black man's child is further proof that she loves me. Our marriage is better than ever.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as he did my love

Great story. i'd have loved to have been in your place. Nothing like a big black **** in a white woman's mouth and then swallowing the lovely *****. hope you've gone further by now and had intercourse with a black guy.

mmmm lovely story by a very exciting woman. Thanks for sharing

Sounds like your 2 are on your way to some very fun and exciting adventures. Enjoy!

What a fantastic story! I could imagine watching this all unfold out there in the car park... wow.