If Only

If only......

I had a long-term girlfriend who never liked the feeling of *** inside of her (I know, I know......this is a common story in real life, though not on the internet), so even when she went on the pill, my internal ejaculations were short-lived. She just "politely" complained about the mess, and would rush to clean-up afterwards. She wasn't exactly turned-on by *****...LOL

Eventually, we would just start out unprotected and then use a condom during the final moments. Even then, if I didn't take the "upper hand" when we started, she would go straight for the condom and wrap me while we kissed. So about 50% of the time, I even had to start out all wrapped-up.

However, when the guy that she had had a crush on for ages (and briefly dated - but no sex) came back to town for a better job offer at his old place, I would be in for a rude awakening. You see, she cheated on me with him after she relentlessly pursued him after he came back (painful at the time, now a fantasy of mine -- go figure, LOL). When I finally caught her cheating, I made her go through one of those full confessions. I made the mistake of going for all of the details.

What it turned out (though not in her exact words) was that she wanted to make a relationship with him happen so badly that when they finally had sex, she didn't even want to bring-up condoms. He came inside of her every time they "got together," which was only about 20-22 times in that short affair; and she wouldn't wash up afterwards simply because in the midst of giving her sexual laudits after their early encounters, he mentioned how hot it was to him that she kept his *** inside of her (unlike his last girlfriend) afterwards. So she would actually keep his *** inside of her, even to the point of falling asleep with his ***** inside of her, just because she was one-upping his last girl (who he "chose" over her after their short dating period, and before he left town for two years) by doing so.

She didn't even really like having *** inside of her, but was so determined to rope the guy that she let it happen every time. I was so hurt and jealous at the time. I even tried to parlay her guilt into letting me have the same benefits after the fling was over; but it wasn't going to work, since I already knew she didn't like it, and she knew that I knew, so she made it obvious (yet politely so) that it was ruining the moment for her - so we went back to starting bareback and finishing with a condom after my one lucky "reconciliation" sex night when I got to fire two in the hole.

It was the worst thing in the world to me then; which is so funny now, because I would do it willingly nowadays as part of my wannabe cuckold fetish. I would gladly play-out the "committed partner vs. lover on the side" role reversal, and be the one forced to pop-off half-fulfilled inside a Trojan while her lover gets the full pleasures of the unobstructed, complete ******* he'll get from pulsing and pouring himself inside of her while her warmth and wetness increase the sensation.

I got a taste of the fetish unintentionally back then (though it's not as hot in retrospect because of her total dislike of ***), but it would be hotter now - especially with a woman who is more comfortable with *****, and who would be disciplined enough to follow-through on the role reversal without wavering (at least for whatever time is agreed upon). I am totally turned-on by the idea of "getting to/having to" ruin two condoms a week - until the box of 24 runs out - while lover boy gets his 3-5 times a week bareback fun. Twelve agonzining yet awesome weeks of fun and partial frustration......LOL

If only......
Eight88 Eight88
36-40, M
Aug 12, 2010