Any Advise?

Hi im a 39 year old father of a beautiful 4 year old baby girl. I have been with the mother for 10 years now. At first, as always through life experience, everything was great. Now, not so much. Ever since my daughter was born things have been going deeper and deeper down the toilet. For the first 3 years my wife stayed at home with baby girl and took care of her and the house, while i worked. I leave mondays and dont get home until friday nights. For the past while my daughter has started school and my wife went back to work. Now when i get home on friday i spend the entire weekend cleaning the house, doing laundry and dishes that were left piled up all week while i was gone. most occasions while im doing this my wife is out shopping while i am watching my daughter. Im absolutely exhausted. When i try to talk to her she gets mad and tells me that now she is working its no longer her job. Ok so how is it mine? She works 8 hours a day and is home every night i work 16 and am home weekends!! Why should i have to come home and clean up her mess? I just am looking for advice on how to fix this before i just decide not to come home. The last thing i want is to walk out on my daughter but not sure how much more of this i can take.
notmyrealname88 notmyrealname88
36-40, M
Dec 7, 2012