My Wife Sharing Fantasy

i've had this fantasy for years. it started wanting another guy to watch me ******* my wife. then very quickly turned into wanting to watch another guy to **** her.
i would love to watch a stranger we just picked up ***** her naked licking and kissing every part of her body. then watch her drop his pants freeing his hard thick **** grabs it and starts licking and kissing his ****. i want to watch him grab her head with both hands and start ******* her mouth. i want to watch him pick her up and carry her to the bed and lay her down slide up her body till his **** reaches her *****. she reaches down grabs his **** and rubs his **** head on her ***** lips till her ***** opens up begging for his **** to enter her. his **** head disappears between her ***** lips. my wife starts bucking wildly trying to get his **** deep into her *****. he is teasing her he asks her "do you want me to **** you. do you want me to **** you hard. do want me to pump you full of my ***". she sreams "yes". he says say it. she says" please **** me now. please **** me hard please pump my ***** full of your ***"
then he rams his **** deep into her ***** and starts ******* very hard.he is kissing her with his tongue deep in her mouth and his **** is deep in her *****. i can tell by now she has at least two full *******.he ***** her fo ever. he tells her to look at me as he starts pumping her full of his ***. he says "tell you husband that i'm ******* in your *****". my wife looks at me and says " oh god he's ******* in me he's pumping me full of his hot ***". she says " i can feel his *** leaking out of my *****. she tells me "that was the best **** i've ever have.
he climbs off of her and i watch his *** leaking out of her *****. she just lays there with the biggest smile i've ever seen on her face.
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I wish my husband would be more like you. He is adamantly against having sex with others. I've mentioned it several times and even made him watch mfm and mfmf **** with me, but he can't get his head around the idea. I agree with alleyes--make sure you know the guy before having him do your wife--just for her safety.

you i agree about knowing the guy. but it would be so hot to watch her pick a guy out in a bar and take up to our room and just **** him.
she does know several guys at work to ****. i know that would be safer.

Well, I think that would be hot too. But still, just as hot if the guy she picks up knows what's happening so he doesn't freak out when he sees you.

yea, that's right i just want to watch her ******* another man i don't care how it happens.

I like your desc<x>ription very much. We share similar goals, however I have been able to have her enjoy three other men on numerous occasions. The best I have been able to accomplish has been to secretly "listen in" on the entire episode. I do think I would modify your fantasy slightly - instead of a stranger, I would target a specific guy, I would interview him ahead of time and make it easy for him to approach my wife - that has worked for me all three times. I also prefer happily married guys who are only in need of discrete sex.

thanks my wife would probably never **** a stranger. but that would be so hot to watch her to **** a guy that she doesn't even know his last name.she has several work buddies that i would love to watch her ****.

Me & my Wife fantasize alot about doing it that way & we have some real hot sex when we do it,we would love to meet another couple and watch them having sex & then we start doing it & maybe one of them join us for extra fun.

i'm on the other end, I'm a wife who will do it but just haven't yet!.......................

I love this fantasy too, and at first my wife was adamently against it, over time she is more into it in role playing and fantasizing during sex with me. I think she will make my fantasy a reality soon!!

soon My gf will share herself and ill get sloppy seconds we are suppose to meet couple this weekend from swingers online group to see if there is chemistry

I thought I was alone in wanting to share gf with a stranger. for him to make her ***** happy and creamy. but my desire goes further I want to feel my gf well lubricated ***** and make her even creamier with my own addition.

yea that's pretty hot. i'd do anything to get my my started ******* other guys.

I have the same fantasy to share my wife, I get hard thinking about it, and I'm not sure how to make it work but like Adeloo indicates I think it starts as sex talk in bed and slowly seduce her to the idea. We have touched on it while dirty talking while having sex, and she always remarks how much harder and stronger my **** gets when that happens. My thought is to have her watch another couple have sex in front of us or have same room sex first -----any thoughts on this

Great to know leodu69, I appreciate the response, so I will keep working towards that....

So many have the same fantasy, the biggest issue for most of them is how to get the wife to agree. <br />
Do you share the fantasy with your wife (As bed time talk) or any other way?<br />
Most women even the ones agree to this lifestyle need to be seduced and accept the change gradually.<br />
Best wishes and hoping you get your fantasy soon.

thanks me too it couldn't happen soon enough

Would love to discuss this with you and get your thoughts on it.