Friend Groping My Wife ****.

My wife and I enjoy a very honest and open relationship. We’re able to tell each other exactly what we like and don’t like when it comes to sex and what turns us on, which is absolutely fantastic because we can share our deepest and darkest fantasies with each other without being worried about being laughed at or ridiculed for it.

A couple of years ago, I started taking nude photo’s of her for my own use, and she liked it because she got to act all slutty which turned her on a bit. She could use big ****** and vibrators or vegetables while I took pictures and it made both of us quite horny. One thing led to another and I started to share these photo’s with people online (with her face blurred or cropped out of the photo). I don’t know why I did it the first time, but I know that every time I did, I got the biggest hardon I could imagine. Being open and honest, I told her about it, and instead of being mad about it, she was great and just asked what viewers thought about her.

From another, later, episode, when she sucked him off...

From another, later, episode, when she sucked him off...

From that original sharing, we got involved in sharing very explicit photo’s with people we met online at the wife picture sharing sites (and usenet, if you know about that sort of thing). Over the years we’ve shared photo’s and more recently videos with a few couples online, but only those we got to know really well.

One night, though, we got a bit drunk with some friends in real life, and admitted to sharing nude photo’s and videos with strangers on the internet, and they admitted they’d done the same. Well, that took the relationship to a whole new level, and we started to share (if I’m honest, the husband and I shared) photo’s of the wives via email.

Over a couple of months, things changed a bit, and we got comfortable enough to do a bit of nude hot tubbing with them one weekend, and things got a lot hotter from then on.

So much so that we started to have occasional ‘game nights’ whenever we visited each other. Nothing really intense, but more that we’d get a bit drunk and the ladies would occasionally flash us if they felt like it. My friend and I got to see a lot of the ladies’ ****, and if we got really lucky, they would show off their ***** and maybe even lift their skirts to show off their ******* (both of them shave!)

The first time I got to film my wife with another guy was one night we went over to their place for a barbeque. During the evening we all got quite relaxed and we were having a great time. We were watching a movie in the lounge while the kids were playing in their rooms, watching some cartoon or other. I’d brought along my new video camera (a digital camcorder with hard drive storage) to show him. One thing led to another and we thought the best way to test it would be for us to see how it handled skin tones.

He suggested that he and I take the ladies downstairs so they could show us their ****. First he and I went downstairs with his wife and I captured about 30 secs of her lifting her top, giggling all the time, showing her **** off for the camera while my wife made sure the kids didn’t come downstairs. Then his wife went upstairs to keep an eye on the kids while my wife came down to show off her **** for the camera.

Then the strangest thing happened. He was standing off to her left while she lifted her top and bra so I could film her **** coming out, and I said it would make a great shot if he was behind her.

I think all of us took a deep breath because something different was happening. I was taking control and directing them. My wife, in case you don’t know, is very slightly submissive. She won’t do whatever I say, she’s too independent and we’re very much equals in the relationship, but she sometimes let’s me ‘make’ her do something because if she does it she’s a ****, but if I tell her to do it, she isn’t responsible…

Anyway, I told her to stand in front of the camera, with him behind, and then I nodded at him and he reached around, and without hesitantly cupped her **** in his palms. and I could see she really loved it. She flushed red, started breathing heavily and I could see her nipples harden. Well, not immediately, because they were pushing into his palms. But when he moved his hands, I could see her stiff nipples.

For the next four or five minutes, she and I let him have his way, groping and touching her ****, tweaking her nipples a little, until his wife called out to say that we should probably change over again.

Needless to say, things got a lot more interesting, because he insisted they return the favour, and I got to feel his wife up a bit before the night was over. But for me the highlight of the evening was watching my friend grope my wife’s **** while I watched and filmed!!!
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