My Very First Time -- The Final Episode.

As you might recall from the previous episode of this story, I find myself at the home of K and F.  K and I (both in our early-thirties at the time) are in the backyard pool.  We are both naked.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but I would find out later that K is bi.  F has just invited us to join her in the house for some fun.
So K and I emerge from the pool and dry ourselves off.  I follow him into the house where we enter through the kitchen, and go down a long hallway passing a number of rooms along the way.  Finally, we arrive at the master bedroom.  F is lying on her back in the middle of the bed, in all her naked splendor. 
Let me describe this woman, F.  She is a real southern belle, complete with the sweetest drawl.  I want to state up front that, her physical attributes notwithstanding, the most wonderful and amazing thing about this woman is her loving, kind, and generous nature.  She is really a warm, positive, and caring human being.  Although it might not sound like it, I am not at all in love with her.  I am simply stating what you yourself probably would say, if you ever met her. 
Is she pretty?  Nope.  The word “pretty” is much too juvenile a word to describe the depth of allure this woman exudes.  Glamorous is also not a word that describes her.  You gaze upon this woman and you see power and self-confidence radiating almost like an aura around her.  Her alabaster skin is so satiny it almost looks like it’s been painted on.  She stands about 5' 2", with shoulder-length blonde hair, and big blue-gray eyes.  The contour of her nose gives the rest of her face an aristocratic air, a contour of very sensual aloofness that melds itself serenely into her upper lip.  The upper lip forms one half of the treasure that is her mouth.  It is somewhat wider than I had remembered from the first time I had met her.  Her lower lip forms the other half of the treasure which serves as her mouth.  Her lips are not thin.  They are not full, like mine.  They are simply sensual in form and appearance, and when she speaks, they move in a way that will mesmerize you if you’re not careful.  Her smooth shoulders flare out to support an impressive set of 36DD breasts mounted on her chest.  She is not slender.  She is not overweight.  She is simply voluptuous.  Like a curvy classical sculpture depicting all that is physically appealing in a woman, only with unusually large breasts for her height.  Her torso tapers down to a waist that is in stark contrast to her chest.  The effect is most alluring.  Her hips flare back out into that classical form that declares proudly to the world, "I am a woman."  Her arms and legs, hands and feet are superbly proportional to the rest of her body.  She is truly sumptuous to behold, and here she is, lying there naked and so inviting.
The room is dark except for some faint light filtering in thru the window curtains.   K lays down next to his wife on her right side, and he invites me to join them on her left.  I do so, of course.  Now, I am uncertain exactly what to do next.  I had up to then, never touched another man's wife, especially with her husband being present.  Should I touch her first, or wait for F to make the first move? (I am a guest here after all)  Three naked people lying next to each other, the atmosphere was very erotic, yet I also felt awkward and uncertain.  I mean, what is the proper etiquette here?  What is acceptable?  More important, what is inappropriate? (typical nerd-questions, I know)  That’s when I heard the slurping.  I hadn’t noticed anyone move, but the slurping sounds were unmistakable.  I raised my head to see that K had taken his wife’s right breast into his hands and was licking and sucking on her nipple.  Her chest began heaving, and I took that as my cue to begin.  I took his wife’s left nipple into my mouth and began to mimic K.  Suddenly, his wife let out a cry of pain.  I stopped cold.  I looked up at her and asked, “Did I cause that?”  She replied, “Don’t suck so hard.”  Ok kiddo.  Lesson number one: in a new situation, start slow and gentle, then build up, but slowly.  Nerd or not, I am a quick learner.  All the other women I had been with before loved to have their nipples sucked firmly.  I guess with her, it was different.  I went back to the task at hand, but much more gently this time.  F began moaning softly and her breathing became heavier.
Still licking and sucking her nipple, I reached down and began lightly stroking her thigh.  No objection.  Good sign.  Continuing with my oral ministrations to her nipple, I got bolder and shifted the stroking to her inner thigh.  That is when she parted her legs slightly, and I knew then that my days as the “identifiable nerd” finally and irrevocably had come to an end.  Even if I never penetrate this woman, she has, with that one swift and simple movement, given me the one thing that all of us so desperately crave: approval, confirmation, and appreciation from your sex partner.  The confirmation that she likes what I am doing, and the approval to proceed: if only more men and women would come to understand and appreciate this one simple fact, we would all have much more enriching sexual experiences with one another.  No sex partner is so bad that they do everything wrong all the time.  It was that one simple positive reinforcement that made all the difference in the world for me then.  It was a life-changing event, and she probably didn’t even notice.  That is simply her nature.  I became much more confident and bolder.  She responded beautifully as my hand stroked it’s way up her thigh to her mound.  Her pubic hair was closely cropped, but not completely shaven. 
I am now on automatic.  I released my pent up erotic energy and let it flow between us.  She did likewise.  She let herself be swept up in the flow of lovemaking.  Rigorous, gratifying sexual penetration would follow soon enough.  But for now, K and I were making love to his wife and she was making love to the both of us.
This is the very essence of wife-sharing.  F, K, and I were all passionately charged and intensely aroused.  K’s wife was receiving pleasure from both of us, but she was sharing her energies between us.  This defines the “sharing” in wife-sharing.  She was free to choose to share herself with one or the other or both of us at any given time.  We were there to please her, and she languished in the pleasure she was receiving as well as giving.
With mounting confidence, I moved my hand down over her *****.  I stroked the outer lips which  were covered with her moistness.  Almost as if it had a mind of its own, my middle finger slipped into her wet opening.  F moaned loudly and opened her legs even wider.  With my finger slowly stroking in and out of her, I finally relinquished her left nipple and began kissing my way downward as I slipped in a second finger.  When my mouth reached her pubic mound, F lifted her knees to give me better access for what she suspected would come next.  I did not disappoint her.  I looked up briefly to see F intensely sucking K’s rigid member.  He was lying on his left side, and had laid his hand on her head, gently stroking her scalp as she sucked him.  Almost in a trance, I returned to her steaming *****.  I licked and tongued her labia for perhaps ten or fifteen minutes before finally opening her up to feast on her clitoris.  Almost as soon as my tongue touched her ****, she surrendered herself to her first ******.  She simply exploded in womanly lust, heaving her hips up off the bed, and with stifled screams of pleasure around K’s ****.   When she finally settled back down, she let go of K’s ****, looked at me and whimpered, “I have got to feel that thing in me.  Come up here and put it in.”
Not one to keep a lady waiting, I kissed my way back upward.  Rather rapidly, I might add.  When our lips met, she could taste her own juices still on my mouth.  Gone were my hesitation and shyness.  This was our woman, and we were her men.  There was no longer a pecking order.  I took her as if she were my own wife.  She reached down between us and guided me into her with an ease and surety as if we had done this a thousand times before.  It was such a natural movement for her.  She was taking me.  She was claiming me, and all the time I thought it was the other way around.  I went slowly at first, giving her time to adjust.  She was so wet, that took all of 30-seconds.  K and I have about the same girth, but I am somewhat longer.  So much for the myth about blacks always having bigger *****: K was hung almost as well as I am.  Frankly, I was glad for his wife.  When I was buried balls-deep in her, I began to pick up the pace.  She began moaning and she wrapped her arms tightly around me, almost in a death grip as she locked her feet under my shins for better leverage.  I started moving even faster until I found a steady rhythm for us, our bodies slapping loudly together.  Meanwhile, K is lying next to us stoking his **** watching us intently as she is rotating her hips, matching me stroke for stroke.  I was beyond caring that he was watching me **** his wife.  F and I were lost in the passion being shared between us.  This was like nothing I had ever experienced before.  The sheer eroticism of it all was totally overwhelming.  I felt the bed move again as K positioned himself so that his wife could take him into her mouth again.  A few minutes went by and I was savoring our coupling, then it happened again.  K had taken his **** out of his wife’s mouth and F moaned softly in her sweet southern drawl, “Oh Ghawd!” and she came again.  I remember K mumbling, “Uh-huh!  Give it to her.”  That’s when I lost it.  I blasted my full load into her wet steaming ***** as it clamped down on my **** again and again.  I lost track of everything else around me.  The pulsing, throbbing, *********** ecstasy I was experiencing seemed to last an eternity.
When I came back to my senses, I kissed F’s lips lightly, cuddled with her and savored the intimacy of our coupling for a while longer, then slowly pulled out of her.  I rolled over onto my back in a daze of wonderment.  I had had sex before, but nothing compared the intensity of this experience.  It was absolutely and totally awesome.
After only a few short minutes, F fell asleep.  I was not sure if K had come or not.  I found out later that he had indeed come in her mouth as I was stroking in and out of her.  His coming in her mouth, together with my stroking in and out of her had triggered her second ****** and sent her over the edge again.  Now she was sleeping softly in her naked splendor, completely spent.
K motioned to follow him into the next room.  He invited me to stay the night.  I gave him my heartfelt thanks, but with deep regret I had to decline his kind offer of further hospitality, as I needed to get back to Houston that same night.  I got dressed, bid K a fond farewell, and drove back to the city in a state of euphoria and bewilderment.  Had that really and truly happened?  The taste in of F still in my mouth and her fragrance still on my face confirmed that indeed it had.  I smiled contentedly as I drove.
I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.  K, F, and I became really good friends after that first night and we’ve had a number of romps together since then.  I was at a cookout at their place of business one time, and that is when I ran into the local sheriff.  He was not involved in our little trysts, but our interchange was both interesting and amusing.  Want to hear about it as an opening to the next story?

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Jul 23, 2010