Black Bred

I'm a 25 yr old white wife and i told my husband i want to get black bred and he had no say in it, so i ****** a black **** and now im pregnant!
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I have read many stories about black breeding, with the 1000's or people saying they have bred black I never see any white couples with black babies I have looked everywhere. I would love to find at least one white couple that were married and the wife got black pregnant and had the baby ANYONE OUT THERE ?????

I don't think many of you people understand that this is something a couple must decide, not a wife nor husband! I have nothing against BBC's, white men or others IF both people in a couple decide this is what they truly want....together?
But NO ONE SPOUSE has the right to make this life altering decision on their own?

Im happy for you

I love watching my wife get black **** but as everyone else has said it must be a decison made by both or like the rest have said ur *** is OUT.

Your 25 years old! How did you decide to make that decision and also decide your husband had no say in it and now your pregnant? I have nothing at all against any married woman being black bred...IF they mutually decided it! I don't blame a BBC for breeding a willing woman...BUT if I was your husband young lady....I'd dump your *** so fast and since you seem to be believe you know all the answers...let YOU figure out how you will raise this child because I sure as hell wouldn't!

I would love a wife like you. Know anyone lol

Sure, go home and tell your Parents and family your wife just had an interracial baby without your consent? I'm so sure they'll break their necks to help you!
This is plain out deceit and breaking of a marriage can't justify! What is the matter with your thinking? EverythinG! Because you weren't thinking!

Congratulations on being black bred, Your husband will accept raising a dark skinned child as if it was his, just a shade darker

Just don't stop with only one, Sister

i love bbc

I want into you DominantDon

awesome !!! My sister in law got bred from two different black men.Now my wife just wants the black oak to try.

Thats really great. I think you still have lots of breeding years in you and hope you get bred again by a different black guy. Forget the haters on the blog, its wonderful that you are black bred.

I am not a hater of women being black bred, the problem lies in her making the choice and not allowing her husband any say! Go out and get black bred several times...then see who pays for or raises these children? Justify that!

If you were my wife, when you went to get black breed, you:d come home to every thing you owned on the street and the locks changed. the police called to imformed them of my action,giving you no leg to stand on . also credit cards canceled.

Thank you! I thought I was the only sane person on here who saw the irrationality of this young girls immaturity? If he agrees...go for it, But if not...out her *** would go! This country needs more welfare baby's like a hole in the head!
If yu have the money to raise them PROPERLY, go ahead...if not stop costing sensible tax payers!

Congratulations. I can defiantly say you are lucky to be able to do what you enjoy. And now you have a memory of it that will always be there.

Yes, tell you parents of your wise I am an adult decision?

U women hav such low self esteem.all u want is to b part of something.that child u hav will someday b grown and want answers and in the end he or she will find u to b a disguisting person and will b messed up 4 life.u may not believe it.thats just ur selfishness though.u have no respect for ur self.truthfully get the end u will understand.

Another voice of sanity! Thank God! thanks, shadowdog2312

my wife was black bred and became pregnant the best part of it all was having sex with her when she was pregnant

Good girl wish my wife was like u

good 4 u, i am trying 2 get pregnant by my white hubbie, and really want his baby, and 4 us 2 have a child together, but i have told him that if im not pregnant by september i am going 2 **** black men and get black bred, i have a few white girl mates who r trying 4 a black baby and have white cuckold hubbies, lots of white women r just like u, hope u have the baby u want soon <br />
<br />
paula x

You have no idea how much I envy your husband right now! He's really lucky to have you!<br />
<br />
Any update on this, after about a year and a half?<br />
<br />
I'd love to be in your circle of friends, if you're kind enough to add me!

Damn i so wish my wife would get pregnant by our black friends but she will not get off birth control

Damn smart woman! What is the matter with you? Have you no self esteem?

Just shows what an irresponsible pair of knob heads you both are,you are talking about a child here,a human being not a ******* sex toy GROW THE **** UP SILLY WOMAN,you have to take care of this child for the next TWENTY odd years,NOT SO SEXY NOW!!! Will the real father be involved in the upbringing of the child? Will the child know who its father is? The child will want to know one day and will be screwed up to not to know her REAL father.ALL YOU OTHER POSTERS THE WOMAN IS HAVING A CHILD,IT'S GONE WAY PAST FANTASY

Thank you,Candice! Another voice of reality and fact! she may be 25, but is as mature as a 10 year old playing with a doll baby when she's playing with an unborn child's life? These idiots make me sick!
I may be old but was never this stupid!

wow, such a turn on!

Shame on you! You are old enough to know this isn't a wise choice? How many illigitimate childre has your wife had without your consent?

I would love to hear those words from my wife.

Beautiful, Add me to friends!

Such a hot quick story, love that thought! I do not mind taking a black ****, but have had my tubes tied so no chance of pregnancy.

love determined wife, as it should be, and best when you give hubby a baby to raise. you are cool wife.

good for you girl i hope you love your black baby give your white husband up and have a black husband who will give you more black baby's, black men are superior in every way love having your bbc in you and keep letting him put his superiour ***** in you

Superior in every way! Hmmm...that makes you an insipid piece of ignorant ****!

so hot and sexy...... all white wives and women should be black bred by black men as they have bigger***** than us white guys plus they *** more and have more superior ***** than white men hope the white wives and women continue to be bred by *** ***** *****

Yes and you get your checkbook out and pay for all these babies!

You are a hot ******* **** and your hubby is very lucky

i would say you are a **** too but not disgusting. today calling a woman a **** is a compliment. My wife is a hot **** and she ***** both white and black men. I got to say that I probably love seeing her ****** by black men more then white men but i hope my wife keeps ******* all. so many reasons i think it is hotter won't go into them all.