**** My Wife!

Hey guys, looking for a fit black man to **** my hot wife in Hollywood. She loves black **** and I want to add some excitement to our sex life.

Message me if interested!
Kjijkjijkj Kjijkjijkj
26-30, M
6 Responses Dec 7, 2012

Love to have your wife, add me as a friend

add me too plsss!!

Like my x-wife once said...."black men are everywhere!"

I hate to tell you My Friend, But that response is Typically Because she has done something to Feel Guilty about. Like Banging some hot guy behind your back, she feels guilty and is trying extra hard to please you, to make up for it, without telling you that she did it.

I will travel your way during the summer would like to stay in contact for a hook up-my wife is Iranian and we are looking for a good clean cut couple to mix it up a bit!

I live in that area. Email me and we can set something up. I do need some info first.