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When Carol and I first married three years ago my job didn't include me going away. Now however I can be away for weeks at a time as many of the contracts the company do, are abroad. As Project Manager I have to be there more than most.
In an effort to keep in touch Carol and I would webcam together, being in management afforded me a room of my own so lots of privacy. At first it was just us talking but as time went on, I'd get horny not being with her and ask her to show off for me. This started off as just peeps of her magnificent cleavage and showing me her bottom but as days and weeks went on she bought some lingerie and used to ***** for me as I played with myself watching her. Then toys were involved and she bought one of those toys that looked like a mans real manhood.
We did this about two to three times a week and if you could see my wife, you would understand why it was so erotic. Carol is a brunette with a great figure, long slender legs which look great in stockings and an amazing bust, great big melons that go with her slim torso. Watching her on cam was great fun but I have to say, it became too much the same.
One night she had done her ***** and was lying on the bed playing with her life like penis when I began talking to her, getting her to pretend it was real and that it belonged to a stranger, that I was watching her with another man. I could see she enjoyed that thought as the thing got really shiny with her juices.

For days I thought of nothing but actually watching Carol with another man and eventually I asked her if she would consider it. At first she said no but as I talked I knew she was missing the real thing. I was two months from getting home and she knew that.
A few days later when she came on the webcam she said she had been thinking about it a lot and said she'd do it for me. I wanted her to make sure that whoever she chose to do it with her knew the situation, that I giave my blessing and that I'd be watching. I told her she must pick someone she found attractive as I didn;t want her having sex with someone she didn't. For about a week each time she came on cam the moans and groans of our pretending became more severe until she was describing the owner to me in great detail and how well endowed he was.
I knew then that she had been fantasizing about it and was ready. I wondered if she had someone in mind and after a few days she told me she'd found someone. I was so excited and we talked about doing it one weekend day, which suited her best anyway.
I didn;t ask her how she met or chose him as I wanted it to be a surprise. We agreed a time and all the days before it I could think of nothing else.

Finally the day came. I was 3 hours ahead so knew that Carol had invited this guy round around 8pm their time. I had my cam ready well before time, waiting in anticpation.
Then my Skype rang and I hurriedly clicked to recieve the call. I first heard Carol say 'Hello' as she normally did and I replied. When the video eventually connected Carol was sitting on our bed wearing a very sexy dress and it was obvious, stockings and heels. She looked amazing. She looked a bit nervous, she had set up the webcam on our dresser so I had a good clear view of the bed.
I asked if she was ok about everything and had the chap arrived. She look to the side obviously looking at him out of shot and smiled, "Yes, Tony is here."
'Tony?' I thought not being familiar with anyone of that name. Just then Tony came into view and sat next to her. He was quite handsome and looked very muscular. He waved. "Hi Mike!" I waved and smiled back. "Hi Tony, you ok with all this, happy to go ahead.?"
He blew out his cheeks, "God, yes Mike, and can I just say, thanks for this, I've always found Carol very attractive and to get this chance to bed her, well mate, just thanks for that."
Carol giggled. Then I remembered, Tony was a work colleague, he was new to the firm she worked for but I heard her mention him once or twice.
I smiled back, "Hey, no problem Tony, just glad Carol found someone she knows, you work with her right?" I asked.
Carol smiled at me, "Yes, honey, Tony and I are in the same office. And when I was thinking of someone to do this with us, I thought of Tony." Again she giggled and looked at him and he at her.
Tony smiled too, "Can honestly say Mike, you are one lucky guy, she is stunning. Have to say again, Thanks for this opportunity."
I smiled back and told him that she's chosen well and I hope they enjoy it. I then looked at Carol.
"Well, if you two are ready then lets get started."
With that Tony and Carol started to touch each other, gently. The Carol rubbed her hand over his crotch as they kissed. Tony then unzipped the dress and as Carol stood the dress fell revealing she was wearing black seamed stockings, sussies and heels but no thong. She was prepared. As he turned her she was wearing a half cup bra, her huge breasts bulging out from the small cups. I watched as they got into full foreplay.
Then I noticed that Tony's trousers were tenting massively, I knew then he was well hung and that Carol was going to be having her first large one.
More exploring went on and Carol moaned and squealed as Tony's fingers found her wetness. Tony then laid her back on the bed and began to kiss her all over eventually making his way to her rose bud. She bucked and moaned as he continued to please her. Then the moment came. He stood and unbuckled his belt and unzipped one of the biggest I'd ever seen. It was easily 10 inches in length and very thick. Carol gasped, "Oh my god Tony, you are huge." Tony smiled and looked at me, holding his massive manhood in his hand. "MIke, you mind if I enter your wife with this?" I nodded.
"Help yourself Tony, think she wants it now anyway."
I watched as Tony knelt between her open legs and pulling her towards the edge of the bed, I heard my wife squeal as the huge head entered her. Tony slowly slid in half of it as my wife bucked and moaned feeling his thickness inside her. I watched as Tony laid my wife's stocking legs over his shoulders.
"Lets give your husband a better view." Tony smiled at me as he began sliding in and out of Carol, his manhood glistening with her juices.
I watched this for 40 minutes as he had her in every position imaginable, lifting her up still on his manhood and turning her toward the webcam giving me a great close up her wet lips sliding up and down his thick manhood.
He then turned her on her knees and ented her from behind, again she squealed and moaned as all ten inches slid in and out.
After ten mins of this he turned towards the webcam. "MIke, going to finish her off, can I spurt inside her." By now Carol was continually squealing and moaning at each thrust inside her.
"Yes, Tony, give her your entire load, make her feel it deep inside her." I heard Carol say, "Oh my god! so big so big."
Then I watched as Tony, grabbing my wife's suspender belt framed hips and pulled her back and forth onto him. She squealed a lot and when I heard a deep grunt from Tony and a very loud squeal from Carol, I knew he had exploded inside her, pumping his seed deep inside her. At each pumping of his manhood into her, she gasped and moaned.
Eventually, Tony slid out of her, his manhood looking very large and wet. My wife fell sideways onto the bed gasping and panting.
"Did you enjoy that honey?" I asked her. She took a moment to reply trying to catch her breath. "Oh my god, that was amazing, so amazing." she said.
I looked at Tony as he stood, his manhood now deflating but still amazingly big. "How as she Tony?" I asked.
"God Mike, she was as smooth as silk man, very smooth and a great lay. You are a very lucky man, look at her" He said looking down at the bed.
Carol by now was on her back, her huge breasts fully out of the cups of her bra and her vaginal lips looking wet and glistening with his thick seed fluid.
She giggled as he looked down and took in her amazing body as she lay there recovering from the sex that had just taken place. Tony sat down on the bed and placed his shirt back on.
"Gotta thank you again Mike, that was amazing, she was amazing, would love another opportunity if one is going."
Carol by now had sat up and was holding onto his shoulder. "Oh, I'm sure there will definitely be another opportunity Tony. Isn't that right darling?" she said turning to me.
"If thats what you want babe. You heard her Tony, she wants you again." I laughed having not only watched an amazing session but likely to see another.
By now it was very late where I was so I told them I must go and get some sleep. Carol blew me a kiss and said. "Thank you baby, thank you for tonight." I smiled, "No problem honey, you deserve some fun and Tony just gave you that."
I was about to say goodbye when Tony came closer to the webcam. "Mike, if you don't mind and just say if it's not what you want. I'll undertand totally."
I looked back at him. "What Tony?"
"I know you got Carol to get me over so you could watch her have sex with me, but I was wondering, would it be ok if I stayed for a while and had some more fun with your fabuloys wife?......but...just say if it's not, I'm ok with that."
I looked at Carol, she looked as though she could do the whole thing again and was smiling at me in anticipation.
"Well if Carol says it's ok for you to stay and do her again then it's fine with me. What d'you think honey? You want Tony to stay longer?"
"God, yes, would love if he stayed and we did that again." she said.
"Well Tony, looks like my wife wants more of that large appendage of yours in her again."
Tony laughed, his huge manhood dangling down below his shirt like some long club with a huge head at its end..
"Well thanks Mike, will let you go now as I have a wife here ready for some more fun."
I waved goodbye, knowing that my wife was about to have Tony's big penis in her again and sqitched off my PC. I fell asleep with images in my head of Carol and Tony together pounding away and he filling her with his large manhood and seed.
The next day I got an email from Tony thanking me for letting him have sex with Carol and telling me that he eventually left our house at 4:30am having had her twice more before heading home.
The aftermath of it was when I eventually got home, we had some terrific sex for days on end and Carol would tell me how good Tony felt inside her. I asked her if she would like to have him again and she said she definitely would as long as I was there to watch. The short of it was that in my month off Tony visited us four times and each time I watched my wife enjoying his huge penis.
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Jul 13, 2012