Wigan Gangstalkers Uk

27 nov 2012
My name is paul prescott .
The only way to stop them stalking is to identify them and us , I now know who they are i know the people they use and i know what they get up to . Quite a lot of them are Police D.W.P Depatment Of Work And Pensions , Trading Standards officers and as many other people they can convince to do there bidding . What are they up to ? All organized crime the way they see it is it might as well be us who gets the money than them , Them meaning anyone who is not involved , Stuff they will and do organize drugs illegal cigs and booze , Bulk sales of knock off contraband anything that is taken by standards officers if they can get it they will sell it they just take the labels off and sell them on the markets and car boot sales, in works time mostly . I reported one wigan cop for doing all the above as well as stalking me he is off the scene, but they just send others , Examples of what they have tried to do following me on a car boot sale in wigan a nutter threw a two foot piece of scaffold tube down on the floor right behind me , making a loud noise he then picked it up and waved it about before putting it back into a plastic bag , This is the sort of intimidation they will do , When i have found out where some of the instigators D.W.P live they move house , Not all people who follow know why they are taught not to ask questions just do it , What do they get out of it they don,t get any hassle from D.W.P when it comes to investigating the ones that work on the side whilst also claiming benefits , These people know all the tricks to make you feel vulnerable they will seek out all your weaknesses and play on those , They know all about me and know things i would never have told anyone, appart from my wife and if forced to my family . I have never done any harm to anyone in my life i have just upset one of there clan and that was around 2004 , But since the original date i have reported them every chance i get for doing what they do.
I hope this is of some help to others , It does get easier as time goes on when you realise it is just a minority of very sick childish people who can,t or have got nothing better to do than . ( TRY ) to make our lives a misery .
Up to know i am winning i know of three of them who are now dead due to taking all the illegal stuff at the parties the have , So let them party have there fun then some more of them will by there own hands get problems of there own..
Very sad lot are,nt they.

01 dec 2012
One morning i was going to a car boot sale this was a couple of years back, they sent a fruit cake nutter he followed me around an indoor car boot that had only about fifteen stalls he walked behind me he was about six foot tall and looked the part , i recognised him from a few months before i had seen him in chauncer place wigan across the road from the friends of the person i had upset , Anyway i made enquiries and found out he was ex police, kicked out for insurance fraud scams, This is typical of this lot i think he lost his driving licence for drinking , With the help of his so called freinds he has passed away , They realy do know how to help there own kind kill them with kindess.
I used to value stuff for the queens hall charity gidlow lane wigan for free , I never bought the stuff i had valued for them so cannot be accused of helping myself , They started to play silly games with me and stopped asking for valuations ,Even ignoring me most of the time when i go in , They now employ one of there clan and pay here for working two day a week , Clever lot . The way they work if you join you become a member of there family , I have heard them say this more than once , anyone else is treated like an outsider , and as such if you volunteer there they will make you clean the toilets and do all the jobs they don,t like doing , Then after years if you stay there they will pay someone, one of there clan if a job comes up you will get a pat on the back    
I have also caught three of the clan them going through our dustbin at night when it is dark. when i approached them they just laughted and walked off, They were not strangers they live local and one of them has passed away , He was quite young between thirty and forty, They probably helped him with kindness.
Cheers all

03 dec 2012
I have read quite a lot on these blogs over the years and think if we dont say who we are and who they are we are just waisting our time going on about it. I know that they use people who are claiming sickness benefits or claiming the dole they also use them for selling cigs booze and drugs , I know some of these people personaly from when i had a shop in wigan , They give them help filling forms and tell them what they can claim i was told this by one of them, although he wouldnt admit to being one of the stalkers . some of them are gangers for farmers some of them run plastering gangs using them to do all the donkey work and paying them around £40 a day ,
After talking to someone about this i was left with this thought , We should thank them for giving the unemployable money to buy booze cigs and coke if wasnt for the D.W.P giving them work on the sly, they would be out robbing or spending the wifes benefits for nights out and the like . So is this a form of control over the lower classes , Or is it just the chosen few taking advantage of those people who may just need a little guidance in the right direction to make changes that would make thing better for themselves and there familys.
One thing is certain though while these people are getting the money on the side, and also getting benefits and rent paid nothing i can see will change them in the near future.
Cheers for now

They have done the theatre stuff they have followed me around they do work for D.W.P  and also for other council departments also on security . They have had a noose hanging at the bottom of my garden they have tried to cause car accidents they did used to wait of me going out early in the morning ,  I would walk out and they would run round the corner then drive off they would run towards me and stop a few feet away laugh then run off , They did damage my shop they do report on the things i have bought they have been in my house wilst i am there then showed there real identities or who they realy do favours for by there own actions when in my company, they have called me out to houses then leave me on my own hoping i would steal something , They are only doing what they are told and i am sure now they dont know the full picture . They do have partys where anything that happens remains private to them only including drugs , They do marry within there own clans and they do have contacts nationaly as well as localy , They do think they are cleverer than the rest of us they do protect there family when things go wrong ie they go off the rails they dont get prosecuted for crimes they do hope to get better jobs for themselves and there own children for the favours and silence they provide , They cannot do any wrong ,Unless it is a crime against the group or clan if they do they will be forced to move or at the very least make amends , They do cause mental helth problems for some of the people that offend them, and also for there own people from drug and alcohol abuse .
They are a very funny lot  killing there own so called friends and children with the attitude of you cannot do any wrong and try this coke .
Cheers for now
paul1122 paul1122
51-55, M
Nov 27, 2012