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Hi folkes , well the last two days have been very fruitfull the scum have tried to intimidate me quite a lot in the last couple of days , A nutter screeched round into a side street we had just crossed and reved the the engine to extreme causing everyone around to turn when we did so he just screeched off everybody said what a dickhead, He later stood at the top of a street and when i saw him he went off round the corner . Then today we went out a nutter came towards me then suddenly lifted his arm up as if he was going to punch me then walked on , When we got home another nutter drove in front of us into our street and drove past my house he then turned round his car and tried to knock me down i jumped out of the way he drove off like the scumbag he is, These people are reading this blog and don,t like the truth coming out .
hewitt cop ) Hewitt D.W.P  Speakman D.W.P )  Lions Cop ) Carney Cop )
Harrison D.W.P ) All the above are involved with illegal employment sales of drugs booze and cigs people they use anyone they can, usualy lads off the estates who will spend the money they are paid on the stuff they provide so making it cheaper to get jobs done .
If you report these people the reports are ignored a lot of the D.W.P staff are and have been doing so helping certain people to employ the ones on benefits .
They tell them what to say if stopped they never get done .
Please note not all are bent these are the chosen few but over the years have grown in numbers and have made similar friends in other industries that do the same. All i have written is saved on a stick some is kept in the clouds and keys are in safe places and will go to the police if they don,t back off . I will not be intimidated by scumbags i never have.
Cheers for now

21 dec 2012
Hi all Some of the stuff i have wrote about may be mixed up , Like when over the years it happened i am just writing it down as it comes to memory, I hope this is ok if not please let me know , I do intend to sort it all out when i have got it all written down.
About two years ago i used to take my grandson for a pizza at the local shop i have always had a good relationship with the owner , The scumbags One of them a police plain clothes officer based in manchester He used to follow my wife and i with our grandchildren if we went out , I always played dumb as if i didnt know what was going on He knew the owner and was talking about the good times they used to have years back, The owner didnt realy seem interested probably managed to get away from the scumbags years ago  ,I am certain he was forced in some way to play the game , Anyway on the day i am talking about the owners brother looked at me with a smirk and went over to where they prepair the pizzas and he stood there smiling at me  he had a dirty tooth brush in his hand ,I did watch him and didnt see him do anything untoard but i think they were told to do this, it is one of the little games they get up to for reasons i am sure you know , Well that grandson is now grown up so we dont go for pizza any more. That shop is Kebab King on Wigan Lane, Wigan, I feel sorry for the owner being forced by scumbags into playing the game and , How can they make someone do this ? Well its quite easy realy every business likes to stay private if they start they could ruin the business for then.
Cheers for now
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Dec 14, 2012