Many Enligthenments Possible Once Enligthened Not Just One!

Taoist Enlightenment is fun. A lot of humor, honesty, laughing, let's make friends and have a lot of fun. A happy go lucky feeling of justice and pride where that depth is just awesome.

Buddhist Enlightenment is highly emotional and very feeling of others. Compassionate. You want others to feel good and make them feel good in return. An Alien State of Consciousness for a Eutopia. Otherwise very distinct and almost burdensome if I can say, a, motion towards action in concerns to the benefits of Mankind as a whole. As, Siddhartha experiencing the sadness and sometimes awfulness of life. You are shielded from suffering, you will receive honor and you do want luxury, but you want to give. And give, and give, and now I need to go help my mom out give me a second. I had to remind her that I liked her and not just loved her. She responds I love you. Miracle.

Shinto Enlightenment is the miracle of experiencing the Deity everywhere as God. And this is the Deity as a Holy Spirit that pervades all. Surely this is my essence and this is what I was writing about all along. It is the truth, and there are many facets to that truth as God is like a Rainbow and every Rainbow hue is like a way of Himself expressing Himself accordingly where he is needed. Surely he reveals Himself on the Earth one way, and to certain extra territorial realms, a unique other way. He assimilates to those whom he portrays Himself to be as. All of so is the Miracle of that great Vastness ever continuing Sun.

Hindu Enlightenment. This is the miracle of Hare Krishna, the happiness of being out of God and coming into God into the universe as an impersonation of the Deity. It is a truly, Self Conscious experience yet, void of all from the purest Abode where I enter to. Hindu Enlightenment reveals all truths, it is an all inclusive system of understanding and experiencing that Sri Krishnamurti, the one who wrote about World Union experienced. Truly a way to find the answers of Genius from times of Atlantis and beyond, if so Atlantis was the name. Very Ancient. A religion that experiences deep worship. A cult, Hinduism.

Confuciust Enlightenment is Chinese and represents the secret teachings of China and is for it's own people. Being here reminds of times I spent experiencing China in my own incarnation this time around. And it feels like you want to eat and take part of family and tradition and go have fun and lay your seed for family. A truly nationalistic religion.

Christian Grace envelops you with the white robe of protection, shielding you of the evils of this world understanding that there are in fact wrong people that are deeply rooted in evil and insanity of evil. You want to be good and are good but yet have a side that is revengeful. You are a Holy Spirit that is for sure but in a body that is programmed to sometimes act otherwise for self greed. Christian Grace is the state of being with the Saints, and living as a Saint, away from the wrong imposed by evil.

Islamic Enlightenment (music playing now from my pc) - A way to know that Allah is responsible for it all. He is the master of all and MERCY!!!!!!!!!!!! HE IS ACTIVELY and I mean actively creating and we need his miracles because he can spin you into this whirlwind of chaos. He can also bring you to ever Great Human Paradise.

Islamic Righteousness - All is good in the World of Allah, for me, in this miracle tendency to see how clearly is the most beautiful woman in the world.

Jewish Enlightenment - the Torah is not clear blank slate, a completely colorful adornation to God. Adornation being to adorn, to fulfill in color and majesty how the Glory of this Supreme Being with a Lord so glorified my God from every angel deep inside the wish fulfilled Holy Slate of Love! Miracle of Miracles coming up so soon will we KNOW

Philosophical Enlightenment - there is only one law, one cause, one way, one Mind, and from this ever unfolding train of thought can we come to the conclusion of us as a species united by the bonds of our language which carry our systems onwards to greater heights and achievements.

Magi Enlightenment - All the stars correspond to a certain consciousness of when that star was born. Same with the planets moons, quasars and galaxies as a whole represented in truth from the perspective of all as above in holy sky already. Meaning, Heaven, and what those coordinates represent in the Heavenly design of the Angels as they pursue their missions within the Universe.
PureGoodSoul PureGoodSoul
26-30, M
May 5, 2012