Through Bible Study and Prayer

since my roommate moved out ... ill have more time to myself .. and be able to get back to where i was . Im not gonna have a comp for awhile so i wont be able to sit online for hours at a time either ... so ill have time to do  other things that i need to work on .   I want to really come to know God ....  and start working with my children to develop a relationship  with him also . I want to feel his  power in heart and my soul . Im going to have to start a hand journal :/ since i wont be able to get on here . but maybe thats better to ... because i may not censor myself .  with all things though i will one day achieve enlightenment .
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hmmm very nice

I am so glad that you want to feel God's presence again. I pray that you find what you are looking for. May I suggest starting a prayer journal? That way you can see the ways God has answered prayer or preformed miracles.